Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Because At Least One of You Worried....

No, I didn't get washed away by the freak rain here last week. I also didn't take the opportunity to learn how to swim.

I am, however, drowning.

I am caught up in end of school year stuff with both boys. Keeping Bug on track and focused this time of year could legitimately be a full time job for someone who didn't already have one. Or two. On the flip side, Jock has done a spectacular job of pushing himself these last couple of months to make sure ALL of his grades are at or above a "C" level, and with his struggles with the evil that is Algebra, that's saying something. He has done this on his own, as his dad and I are clueless when it comes to his math class. He's also pushed himself to stay on track and not procrastinate in his English class. I am so incredibly proud of him.

I'm also swamped with end of season baseball stuff for both boys, and the Little League board stuff. We just finished the post season, and are gearing up for the Tournament of Champions and All-Stars. Um, so I guess its not really end of season yet. Explains why I'm still so busy with it all.

The company I work for decided, rather abruptly if one were to rely strictly on when the actual employees were informed, to move offices. This week. I was informed on Friday.

I am trying to cram 24 hours of continuing education credit into a week. Around working full time, baseball full time, the whole full time mom gig I've got in process, and trying to get out of here for a mini-vacation. And lest you think too highly of me... I will point out that I'm something of a procrastinator (yes, Jock came by this trait quite genetically). My license expires on Saturday. I've only had two years to get these 24 hours completed.

That mini-vacation? I'm sure I've mentioned it. I'm leaving tomorrow (although its after midnight, so I guess it's really today?) night for Denver to visit with my mom for a few days. I am really very excited about this trip, even if I am taking work with me. I'm not quite fully packed yet, and my plane leaves in approximately 19 hours.

I'm pretty sure I've left something out up there, but you get the drift. I'm sorry this is a sucky, uninspired post. Hopefully, you'll all forgive me and catch up to me in a few days. I'll get around to each of your blogs in the next couple of days as I'm relaxing and catching my breath at my parents' house. There's nothing quite like being able to sleep in at mom's house to make you feel refreshed. Of course, that might also have something to do with the fact that I am going by myself. No kids. No Coach. No dogs. No being on call for work.

I might just figure out how to "swim" through this after all.


Karen said...

Summer is coming - hang in there.

Flea said...

Aw SM! You're catching a couple of days to yourself! Yay!! Enjoy yourself, will ya?

Cecily R said...

I so get the drowning feeling.

You're a good mom for doing all you do and you should know and remember that!!

Karen is right. Summer IS coming!!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

You're almost there. Pretty soon they'll be out & you'll have lots less stress. Enjoy the time with your mom.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

You're almost there. Pretty soon they'll be out & you'll have lots less stress. Enjoy the time with your mom.