Monday, May 19, 2008

Have You Ever REALLY Looked at Those Google Ads??

I know some of you don't have any ads on your blogs, and some of you do. Me? I have them strictly for the entertainment value. I've been doing this blog now for somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 months or so, and I don't think I've earned even a single dollar yet. But.... sometimes they just crack me up.

I knew going in that I'd get some strange ones, especially with the names I've given my family. Coach's are pretty innocent, usually just ads for coaching tips and that sort of stuff. Bug gets me ads for exterminators, and ADHD stuff. Jock.... well, this is a sports themed blog, and I'm sure you can all figure out what sort of ads I get from his name.

But its the entries where I'm talking about Jock and his daily life the most that seem to be telling Google all kinds of insanity. I'll end up not only with various ads for jock straps (Apparently, there is a niche in the porn industry for jock strap fetishes. Who knew??), but for some rather interesting (stupefying? jaw-dropping? side-splittingly funny?) ads focused on other aspects of teenage-dom.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Ok... I do talk about that particular hormone quite a bit here. However, I don't think I've ever advocated getting MORE of it.

Men Wearing Women's Underwear. First, I'm sure I've mentioned a time or two that my weekly laundry involves their underwear. But would one of you volunteer to search through my archives to see if I've EVER talked about one of them wearing mine???

Don't Send Your Teen Away. Aww... c'mon. Not even for a week?? Give a mom a break, here!

Bathroom Ideas. Now, while I'm pretty sure this was intended to be innocent, the first time I saw this one was on this post.

I know these things change every time you load a page, so I know you all see different ads than I see when I'm looking at it. Have any of you ever seen something that made you think that just perhaps I was a bit off my rocker?


And a random note or two......

We are in the middle of our post season here for Little League baseball. Jock's team is the underdog now, but we're on a roll! Its a double elimination thing, and we're playing with one loss. We are motivated. We are dominating. We WILL beat the first place team. Or we're all going to go home crying. And there isn't much that is more sad than teenage boys crying. Especially if its a group of them. Of course, then its just scary.

I am going home to Denver in 9 days!! I get to see my mama, and its been too long since I got to do that! I am so excited! I'll be taking my laptop, though, so you'll probably see a couple of Denver blog posts from me!

And finally.....

Arizona has officially arrived in hell this week. Today its going to be 105 and tomorrow it should reach 107. When I was young and begging my mom for something, she used to tell me "And people in hell want ice water." I'm here to tell you that yes, yes we do. We absolutely want ice water.


Rachel said...

The Google Ads are pretty damn funny :-)
107, damn girl. I'm whining about it being 95 with humidity from hell. Sorry for ya.

Sue said...

I use Gmail and I often giggle like a school girl at the ads that come up with some of the conversations the girls and I have via email. Terrible! LMAO!

Dude, I'm never moving to Arizona. In fact, for all my pissing and moaning, I think I'll stay right here in Michigan. Yep. Yep.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I am a Google Ads flunky. I never notice them. In fact, I didn't even know you had them. Oops. All this time I've been missing out on my jock strap hookup.

Um, yeah. It's like 40 degrees here. I would rather have 105. Really.

Cecily R said...

SPORTS!!! You got your funny!

You are always the one to point out the ridiculous ads on my blog too...I LOVE that!!

Right now your ads are for jock straps and bike underwear. I don't know about you, but MY bike likes to be like Britney.

It's 80 here. SURE you don't want to come back to Utah?

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

107 in May? Oy vey, dear. I am seeing these odd ones. One jock strap one is in French?!