Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm Losing It

My entertainment value, that is. My sense of humor. My ability to amuse. My "funny".

Has anyone seen it laying around lately? Is it under the sofa cushions? No, nothing there but Fruit Loops, Legos, last week's missing homework paper, and the cordless phone we haven't been able to find for a month.

Is it in the kitchen junk drawer? No, nothing there but two different pairs of broken scissors, expired coupons, dozens of dead batteries, and a couple of Hot Wheels. Oh! And the user's manual for the water softener that came with our house that we've never used.

Did it end up in the lint trap in the dryer? No, all I could find there was the remnants of a note between Jock and a couple of his friends and some loose change.

Maybe its mixed up with all my books on my cubby shelf? No, I looked and looked, and all I could find there was several art projects from Bug, a Father's Day card that didn't get mailed last year to my FIL (think I can use it this year?), some peach scented hand sanitizer, and a copy of our old lease from two years ago. Different house.

I even looked in the garage. The only things I found there, besides the power tools, were several empty cartons from cases of water, Gatorade or beer, empty Otter Pop wrappers (really, those boys need to learn where the garbage can is!), some solo stinky socks (haven't they noticed they're missing one??), and more athletic equipment than I ever knew we had (baseball and football, I expect..... but no one in my house even plays tennis!).

People, this is a crisis!! I'm seriously missing my sense of humor these days. I'm just not funny anymore. I could quote Karen's son, his thought (as scandalous as it was at the time to his poor, beleaguered parents!) is so right on target here.

If anyone finds my "funny", will you send it home, please? My family would be eternally grateful.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You better find your "funny" and quick! I NEED you to be entertaining at least SOME TIMES!! I rely on your witty, happy , upbeat, FUNNY attitude to get me through the drama that is my life!!

Do whatever it takes woman - go forth and SEEK YOUR FUNNY!!


Flea said...

Maybe dig up some old Emo Philips videos and watch for hours. You'll either find your funny or gouge your eyeballs out.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Try the One Step Ahead catalog. I'm pretty sure they sell some funny in there. At minimum, you can laugh at the poor idiots who actually spend money on that crap.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Mine went awol after Sunday's post. I suffered from performance anxiety to repeat the same goodness.

Huckdoll said...

This post was still pretty funny. Send the card! I did this same thing with ALL of my Christmas cards last year and I plan to give them this year :)

Flea said...

Here's what you do: take a couple of hours to yourself (no, that's not impossible - tell Coach it's a necessary mental health break) and head to the nearest park and people watch. If you have a phone with a camera, take pictures. Watching other people may also help with perspective. But dang! people can be hilarious.

Cecily R said...

I dunno Sports. THis post was pretty funny...maybe you found it.

If not, I like Burgh's suggestion.

Karen said...

Well, if you're quoting Luke you should find it quickly. Isn't Arizona's heat getting to be hot as hell?

Anonymous said...

Its those things which bring us all together as one....junk drawers and couch contents, unorganized garages, and other such sundries.