Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It Wouldn't Win American Idol, But.....

Ok, Cecily..... because you specifically asked for it, you got it.

Although I suppose any of you out there can feel free to look at it, too. I mean, its not like this is a private blog or anything. Just keep in mind that the professional videographer we had all set up called at the last minute to tell me that he had to go... um.... wash his dog, or something like that. So what we got was Coach and the Kodak.

There will be no booing or throwing of over-ripe vegetables allowed. Also, it might be sort of, kind of, a rule here that the ego of the blog owner be stroked. Whether its sincere or not.


And it seems that the results of the audience poll are overwhelmingly in favor of my posting pictures here. I like the suggestions to only leave them up for a little while, and then go back and delete them. As Lunanik mentioned, that helps to weed out my regular reader friends from the creepy stalker types. So, consider yourselves forewarned. Get out the umbrellas, because there is a very real possibility that I will begin showering you with pictures.

Although, maybe.... in the spirit of the desert here, I'll only sprinkle them around sparingly.


Karen said...

You go, girl!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...


Flea said...

You can sing? How cool is that?

Posting pictures is addicting. :) Maybe the cows will come to visit. Heh.

Flea said...

P.S. It's so good to put a face (and voice) with an attitude!

Crazymamaof6 said...

WHOOHOO! way to go! that is awesome! way to kick off picture sharing with a bang! WHOOHOOOO!
sharing pictures is pretty safe. and seriously how many AZ readers do you have?
the chance of being spotted is minimal. you seem to be a widely read popular blogger with a national audience. from just the ones i actually know. and how fun would it be to be spotted by me in public? WAY FUN! i'm just saying. it wouldn't be all bad.

Cecily R said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! That was awesome! YOU are awesome! I can see why you are asked to do it all the time!

And I can't believe you didn't text me or call me or e-mail me or SOMETHING to tell me you posted this!!