Saturday, June 7, 2008

Skinny Dipping and Self Confidence

Have I mentioned before how absolutely amusing I find Jock's friends? They are a complete riot, often leaving me in tears from laughing so hard. This weekend is no exception.

Monday is Jock's birthday, so he got to have his party this weekend. Nothing big, just a couple of friends over to Grandma's pool for some swimming, a cookout, the movies and then crashing overnight at our place. (If I had a daughter, we'd be calling it a slumber party or a sleepover. Testosterone makes this activity sound less girly and more like an action movie.) One of his friends had a basketball tournament today, so he didn't get to do much swimming with everyone else. I think he might have felt like he needed just a bit more?

When we went to pick him up to take them all to the movies, Jock came out of his friend's house, got in the car, and we had this conversation:

Jock: Do you know what MJ (not his name, but we're going with the basketball reference) was just doing?
Me: Um.... do I really want to know? (really, my answer wasn't needed, as he proceeded to tell me anyway.)
Jock: He went skinny dipping!! (said with a cross between extreme scandal and overwhelming hilarity)
Me: (as MJ was then getting in my car) MJ!!! Did you do that in GRANDMA'S pool???
MJ: NO!!! Just now in my own! And I gotta tell you.... it was quite liberating!

At this point, all the boys in the car start cracking up! And if I'm being honest, I did too. MJ then went on to explain that he needed to get the umbrella out of the pool, and he had just finished getting ready to go to the movies. Well, he didn't want to have to put on yet another pair of underwear (which I'm thinking is standard for teenage boys, as the others in the car agreed that was a good reason), so he just stripped and jumped in. Tell me, just what do you say to that one?

Guess this was just MJ's night, because then Jock decides I need to know about what happened when MJ backed his dad's truck into the neighbor's lawn. They start this story by telling me that it was "all so simple", and "no big deal". Apparently, MJ was just going to go pick up his little brother, and bring the truck right back. No one would be any wiser.

Oh, should I point out that MJ is also only 14? Yeah. And, um... CAN'T DRIVE?

So I asked him MJ, what were you doing DRIVING?

His response? Well, see..... I was feeling extremely self-confident that day.

What really scares me is that he and Jock are very much alike. I'm now glad we don't have our own pool.

I think an extremely self-confident, skinny dipping teenager is just a little more than I can handle with any degree of sanity.


Karen said...

And that is a scary insight into a man's mind.

I was feeling extremely self confident that day (and decided to fix that thing myself...)

And so it begins.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

The mind of a teenager is a VERY frightening place. Yikes!

Flea said...

He was feeling WHAT? Oh man. I'm afraid. Very afraid.

A homicide detective came to our writer's group yesterday and talked about the local water park, what the cops had caught several men doing there in the last week. My children will never go to the water park. Ever. Stay out of the water, people.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I just hope Jock doesn't start to emulate this behavior? I had a friend start driving at 14. And, she actually went places.

Stella said...

If nothing else, it sounds like they have FABULOUS self-esteem!

Laski said...

Ahhh . . . why I just loved teaching high schoolers. LOVED it. I man, the adventure of it all.

Saw your comment on Huck's site and couldn't agree more. I could chat about it with you, but then I'd take up all your commenting space. :)

Shellie said...

MJ sounds delightful, I hope he survives to adulthood. Don't trust those guys too much ever, ya know?

Cecily R said...

Okay, I know I shouldn't be, but I think I might love MJ. Any 14 year old that says THAT about self confidence is cool. Do I condone the driving? Not on your life. But I gotta give the kid props.

And I will NEVER let Isaac read this post OR my comment.

Crazymamaof6 said...

hilarious! that Mj seems like Quite the Character! self confident! SO CUTE! i mean manly. AH really loved this one.