Friday, July 4, 2008

May God Have Mercy On My Sons If They Do This 'Cuz I Probably Won't

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There is just something about proms that bring out the best in girls and the worst in boys, isn't there? For the girls: shopping trips with your friends for the perfect dress; getting your nails done; getting your hair done; spending hours before the dance getting ready. For the boys: making sure you have the coolest car, to show up your friends; going along with her "suggestion" to match your tux to her dress, in hopes that it softens her up; planning with great detail how many times you can grope her while convincing her it was accidental. Its all part of the game, right?

My senior prom should have been the highlight of high school. I had the perfect dress. I had the lace "Madonna" gloves that matched perfectly. I had silk shoes dyed to match the dress perfectly. I had gotten my nails done. I had awesome hair, with just the perfect height and fullness.

What I didn't have was the perfect date.

I had no boyfriend around prom time, so I asked a guy friend from another school if he'd like to go with me. He was always super sweet to me, we were close friends, and he was pretty good eye candy, to boot! Since I was the one who did the asking, and since he didn't go to my school, I was the one who paid for the tickets. I paid for dinner. He just had to get his own tux, match it to my dress, and arrange transportation. He agreed, and plans were made. I was really pretty excited, and thought we'd have a better time, since we didn't have any of the relationship drama that so many of my friends had.


Apparently, I missed the part of the planning that said that he was allowed to plan twelve different ways to get me OUT of that dress. And that he was allowed to get extremely petulant when I refused to go along with those plans. I also missed the part that said that when he stomped off pouting, I should have followed along behind him trying to convince him it was all ok with me, and that it was still a good idea to keep working on those plans. What WASN'T ok, so I found out later, was for me to stay on the dance floor, dancing with guys who were happy to continue dancing with me IN that kick-ass dress, while he went and sulked.

At least, I assumed he was sitting at the table sulking. When I went to find him, one of my friends told me that he'd left. No, not just left for the restroom. No, not just walking around, waiting for me. Gone. As in, LEFT ME STRANDED. At my senior prom.

Oh! Did I forget to mention it was only 10:30 pm?

So I called my dad to come pick me up, handed my tickets to the after-prom party to a cute little special ed couple, and was home before 11:30 pm. On the night of my senior prom.

Stupid boy. Its been almost 20 years, and I don't think I've quite forgiven him for that yet.

*I thought maybe, for a change of pace, I'd embarrass myself for a change. You know, give my poor family a break!*


Jennifer H said...

Sure, he was only a teenager...but also an ass. But as embarrassing as that was, I'm glad it didn't turn out worse for you, you know?

Still. Ass.

(I used to have hair like that!)

Crazymamaof6 said...

YOU LOOKED GREAT! perfect dress and gloves and hair. what an A$$! gosh! glad he didn't make a big scene, or rape you, but still! A-HOLE! and back in the day before everyone had cell phones to call for a ride. LAME!

Flea said...

You poor thing! And you looked FABOO!!! Any idea what ever became of that moron?

Sully Sullivan said...

I think that if you could have seen the way he looked in that picture, in advance, you may have predicted him to be a creeper. Look at that perv grin.

You looked good though...for the 80's.

The Sports Mama said...

Sully, looking back on that picture when I got it, and anytime I've seen it since, the FIRST thing I see is that pervy grin! You're right, it would have helped a lot if he'd shown that FIRST!

Flea, I have NO idea. Really, I don't even know if he made it home that night or decided to drive straight to Mexico. I haven't spoken to him since. Have I ever mentioned here that I carry grudges? :)

Robyn said...

He does have a pervy grin. But you are looking good. I know how long it took to do your hair. I had the short Maddona gloves with the fingers cut off those were so totally cool.

MamaGeek said...

Oh dang you're HOTT. This was so stinking funny, I could totaly relate! What a jerkoid. :)

Alexandria said...

What a jerk!!!

At my prom, I was with my boyfriend. During one of the slow songs, I asked him what he was thinking about. His answer? His ex-girlfriend.

Cecily R said...

So...have you seen him since? Is he a bald linoleum tile salesman who does the fat man comb over and hitches his pants over his beer gut? He looks like the type that would turn out that way. LOSER.

You, on the other hand are HAWT.

carrie & troy keiser said...

What a story!

hotmamabeads said...

Love the retro pic and the horrifying story! I can't believe he dogged you! I hope the bad karma from that move has come back to kick his butt in the meantime!

lisaschaos said...

You know, in that photo he looks like an Ass. You look beautiful. He looks conceited. You're probably better off that he left. I've always been afraid of being left but so far it hasn't happened. :) Hubby swears he'll never leave me but I fear he'll forget I'm with him.

Stella said...

That totally SUCKS! What an ass!!

I do have to say that for a moment, I totally thought you were going to say you haven't forgiven him but you did marry him! :) Thank God you didn't!