Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Randomness With A Touch Of Bling

Wow. Karen at The Rocking Pony has gifted me with an awesome award.

Isn't it pretty?

Now, I'm not sure quite where she got the idea I wear tiaras. It might be from this post. Possibly from this one. Either way, I'm honored that she thinks I deserve one! Thanks so much, Karen! I'll think about who I should pass it along to, and let you know.

Think it will look good with a ponytail and a football jersey?


We spent quite a bit of time at my MIL's house this weekend, and that always guarantees a good time. It also generally guarantees something funny to post about!

My SIL has a new boyfriend. Well, relatively new. He's been around for a couple of months now. We like him. He's good to her, which is always a plus; he seems to enjoy spending time around my kids, which is definitely a big bonus; he's got a well-trained dog, which as all we women know indicates an ability to commit to something since he took the time to train the dog! He's also really funny when he's just not trying to be, which reminds me of my own kids.

We were sitting around the dining room table, playing games as we often do when we get together. This particular night we were playing Battle of the Sexes. This game is always funny when we play. There is a lot of taunting going on between the two sides of the table. Well, we hadn't played with the new boyfriend, yet. Poor guy. We keep throwing him into these situations, with no warning at all. He's keeping up pretty good, though.

However, if you had been sitting at the table with us Friday night, you'd have heard this conversation about the question What does the Something Blue for a wedding signify?

BF: ...*muttering*...something blue, something blue..... I know! Its that thing around your leg... what's that called?
MIL: A ball and chain?

::everyone laughs for a bit::

BF: No, no.... *muttering again*.... maybe its an emotion.... happiness? ::we all interrupt that not EVER have we heard of blue equaling happiness:: ..... Sympathy?

At this point, we all busted into loud, belly clenching, tear inducing laughter!

Me: *after I could talk again*... Yeah, cuz that's what all women want when they get married.... SYMPATHY!

Yeah, we like him. He's going to fit in with us just fine!


Also overheard this weekend? Bug's opinion when reminded to say Thank You when I handed him his plate for dinner:

I don't know why we have to use manners all the time! You're my parents! You KNOW I don't always have them!


Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like a fun weekend. it's always nice to try out the boyfriends, and put them through the paces a little bit to prove their worth. and if they can hang with the in-law taunting it's even better.

love the manners comment! that is TOO FUNNY!

and congrats on that award! very exciting!

OH and good luck with your new job tomorrow! WHOOHOO!

Karen said...

Well he sounds like a keeper! What a fun weekend with the family.

And tiaras totally go with jerseys and ponytails.

Cecily R said...

That manners comment is AWESOME. I feel the same way sometimes...

And it's always nice when a prospective can laugh and snort with the rest of you.

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

I know it's early to know really, but how's the job?

Shellie said...

Congrats on the tiara and the family fun sounded great! I'm a dropout blogger in the summer it appears so I just caught up on the last 12 posts!