Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Can I Say? He Makes Me Smile!

It is a very good thing that Jock is a spectacular athlete. Its also a very good thing that Jock is so cute. Because I have very little faith that the Arizona Public School System is going to do him much good.

Perhaps if they actually offered a Geography course anymore, the following conversation would have gone a bit differently:

Me: So your dad's cousin had her baby yesterday.
Jock: She had WHAT?! I didn't even know she was pregnant!
Me: Yeah. She and her husband....
Jock:.... (interrupting me)....She's married, too!?!
Me: Yes. And they live in Canada.
Jock: Sheesh. I bet they live in Amsterdam.
Me: .........Um, dude, Amsterdam is in Holland.
Jock: I know. That's in Canada.
*insert hysterical laughter from Coach at this point*
Me: Um, no. No its not.

I also think he would have benefited greatly from a class on Popular American Cultural History, with a sub-class specifically on significant musical contributions of the last 50 years. If he had been present for something like that, last night while playing ImaginIFF with the family, faced with the question of what Beatle his grandmother would be if she could--John, Paul, George, Ringo, Volkswagen or Dung--we might have avoided this question:

Jock: Mom, whats a Ringo beetle?

If this keeps up, we're in a lot of trouble here. He's amazingly cute when he blushes.


Cecily R said...


I love that kid. And you for documenting this stuff.

Dana said...

Too funny...scares me what kind of education my 3 y/o will get when places are cutting things like Geography.

Karen said...

I'm highly amused in a scary sort of way. Are the kids learning anything in school anymore?!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I bet the people who go to Canada for cheap prescriptions would LOVE for Amsterdam and it's legal drugs to be nearby.

Anonymous said...

If you're cute and good in sports, you can get away with soooo much.

Not that I'd know....

Sully Sullivan said...

Well this is insulting to me, being canadian. If Amsterdam was in Canada, things wouldn't be much different actually. Well I guess the whore houses may change a few things, but as far as legal's not legal here but no one cares.

Burgh Baby said...

Amsterdam . . . Holland . . . same difference. Or not.

Flea said...

Too funny! When I was in college I still thought that New England was a state. But, you know, they have their own football team. Does Canada have their own football team? :)