Friday, September 5, 2008

Yeah, Baby. I Saw It!

I am an awesome mother. No, really. I can prove it.

Tonight was Jock's first game of the season. He was super stoked about it. He brought home his jersey last night, and even modeled it for me. He looked great! I simply can not believe my boy is growing up so stinkin' fast. It really feels like just a few short days ago that he was looking to me for everything. And he was always asking Did you see that, mom?

And I always answered Yep, baby. I saw it! Awesome!

(I am a product of the 80's. Awesome is a permanent part of my vocabulary.)

I must have eight zillion pictures of this kid at various stages of life. Some are in albums, a small number have been digital so are on the computer; but the vast majority are in shoe boxes, haphazardly arranged by his age. For almost every single time he'd ask Did you see that, mom? I've got some sort of photographic evidence.

That is, until he started high school. More specifically, started playing high school football. I've got pictures of his freshman baseball season last year, so apparently the issues lie just with football.

I present to you the ONLY photograph we have of high school football. It was taken tonight, and quite frankly it sucks. Our regular camera's batteries were discovered dead the other night, and I neglected to replace them. And I remembered that after I realized I had just forgotten the stupid thing tonight, anyway. So I had to resort to the cell phone camera. Which doesn't have the oomph to zoom from the stands to the field itself. Once again proving how I absolutely ROCK as a mother. *sigh*

We've still got the rest of the year for me to get it right, right?

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Flea said...

It's a bizarrely cool picture, SM. But what exactly am I looking at? Is that him at right front?

Karen said...

Awesome is part of my daily vocab as well. My kids will be mortified someday to have their peers tell them that it went out with Aqua Net.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

oh, blast the batteries - every time!!

Rockin Austin said...

Don't forget "dude", "word" and "totally" in your 80s vocab!

Cecily R said...

You have PLENTY of time to take some more awesome shots. That said, this one is pretty the editing!!

And you totally and unquestionably (is that REALLY a word because in my no sleep last night mode, it looks funny)ROCK as a mom. And don't you forget it!!

Shellie said...

Thank goodness it's the beginning of the season. I'd do something like that too, or worse, I'd never even bring a camera.

Chris said...

This has a certain classic quality about it. It's old school, it's traditional. I'd go with that angle.
Oh, and Awesome is AWESOME!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Awesome is just a part of those of us who lived it! :) You do a shot and it counts! :)

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

You've got the whole season!

Susie said...

I think that is a really cool picture--AND look at this way--you get to show off and improve your camera skills as Jock shows off and improves his football skills--you guys will be growing together---hooray for the start of football!!!