Monday, September 8, 2008

When Is A Thumb NOT A Finger?

We spent four hours in the Arizona sun on Saturday. My shoulders, neck and face are a spectacular shade of red as a result. Bug was knocked flat on his back, and was left with a bruise across the bridge of his nose and two slightly black eyes because of it.

I love opening weekend of football season. I truly do. (Even if this Saturday's event was technically a "round robin scrimmage", where our team scrimmaged each team we're going to actually face this season, in the order we face them, and not a true game.) I even remembered the camera. And? Fresh batteries.

Our team really didn't do too bad, actually. Our first game is this upcoming Saturday, and I think we'll be as prepared as we can be. The very last scrimmage, the very last play, is when Bug took the hit head on at full speed that laid him out. If you've been reading me since the beginning, you'll remember this happened last year in his first game, as well. Apparently its the new tradition here. He laid there on that field for a good five minutes, struggling to breathe and holding his head (he did that last year, too.... wonder why that's where his hands automatically go?). Coach and I were both out there, testing his strength ("Squeeze my fingers" and "Push against my hand") and his vision. I knew he'd be fine when I was asking him how many fingers I was holding up. I went through a series of different fingers, in no order, when I held up all five. His response told me he was back to normal.

Only four, mom. That last one's a thumb.

And so that you can share in the awesomeness that is youth football in the Arizona heat, here are some pictures of Bug's team. The tall guy in the middle of them all? That would be Coach. And for the record? That man didn't get sunburned at all.


Here's a couple of random quotes from this weekend that I just loved, and so decided to share with you all......

"How did Bug's football scramble go?" ~~ Grandma (aka Mama G)

"Football is all about trickeration, boys." ~Coach Lou (our head coach....Coach is the defensive coordinator for the team)


Susie said...

THe little bugger-roo is ONE.SMART.GUY! How cool that not even a knock to the head can knock out his sense of humor! LOVE IT!
I bet he's the kid in the class that always makes the teachers day-right? He's seems the type-my fave as a teacher--the sweet, funny, cute one who is well behaved yet cleverly mischevious. I just get that from the pic up there.
However he is--100% ADORABLE! oh, and sorry about the burn-I hate it when that happens!

Rockin Austin said...

Sun.screen.lady. And re-apply, and re-apply...your fair skin can't handle it!

Oh, and Coach has the nicest calves...*sigh*...Trainer has chicken legs.

Karen said...

Something wrong with football scrambles? ;)

Glad he came through with his sense of humor intact. That's the important part.

Burgh Baby said...


Flea said...

That football scramble come with toast?

I love the four fingers and a thumb quote!

Cecily R said...

That Bug...I heart him!

I had no idea Don King was coaching pee wee football! Trickeration....

By the way, the first time Isaac told me about their scrimmage he called it skirmish. I snorted a little when I heard that one.

Anonymous said...

lol..trickeration? Too funny! I might have to steal that one.