Friday, October 10, 2008

In Memoriam

A moment of silence, please.

(Are your heads bowed? Eyes closed? Hey! You! No peeking!)

Having been an extremely valued member of my family for the last two years, and working diligently day and night to assure my household of maximum connectivity, despite extremely poor working conditions and a host machine that, at its best, sucked like a Hoover; my modem has died.

We think. It's not finding an Internet connection, so I suppose it could simply be boycotting the amount of time we spend online each day. Maybe it decided that Coach was headed towards overload, visiting all those coaching websites. Perhaps this was a subtle way of telling me that I've been spending too much time blogging or looking for creative ways to pay my bills. Could be that it was protesting the music being searched for by Jock. Or possibly it had decided that this was the best action to take in the family's ongoing efforts to protect Bug from pornographic images disguised as online video game characters.

Whatever the reason, intentional or incidental, my modem has bailed on the family.

We feel we've sufficiently mourned it's loss over the last couple of days, and have decided to actively seek a replacement starting today. In the meantime, since I don't work on the weekends (and work being my only online source at the moment), this is probably the last post you'll see from me until at least Monday. Unless we meet, fall in love with, and proceed with the adoption of a new family member this weekend.

Wish us luck. Or wish for a financial windfall for us. That would work, too.


Kidzmama said...

My sincere condolences. I know you were very close with your modem. It's a very sad day indeed.

(I'm wishing the financial windfall part for you, luck has little to do with anything.)

Flea said...

Are modems very expensive? It seems we've had ours forever. That or Chris does some kind of smoke and mirrors act when he's had to replace it. I wish you a windfall!

Karen said...

I know those porn images and let me tell you, I am shocked and horrified when I walk by and see my 7 year old playing an otherwise fun game with one of those women as his nemesis. Or host.

Burgh Baby said...

Oh, poor modem. I hardly knew him. I hope you have found a suitable replacement.

Rockin Austin said...

Hey! Sorry I missed you!! A one hour time diff will be so much easier than a two hour. I hope you found a suitable replacement... :)