Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just the Highlights

When asked how practice last night went, Jock replied:

Sucked. We were beat by the FRESHMEN. So....we ran. And ran. And ran. Ran, ran, ran. And the only thing that sucked worse than that was the linemen needing to push the sled for 300 yards. With the 300 pound coach on it.

Huh. Bet that line will work harder at not letting anyone through it now, though, won't they?


It occurs to me that almost all of my posts lately have been about Jock.

Just wanted to remind you all that I do still have two kids. Bug is alive and well, singing at the top of his lungs every night in the shower.

To Metallica.

His dad is so proud.


A set of my in-laws were in town last week, and left just a couple of days ago. It was great to visit with them, and the boys had an awesome time with Grandma and Grandpa.

But I'm a bit mortified.....

See, they were awesome enough to not only help us out with some groceries, but.... THEY CLEANED MY HOUSE, TOO!! (ok, so maybe it was just my living room and my kitchen.....but those are the rooms that everyone sees, so I think they count as my "house")

This means that they have:

Probably found every last Fruit Loop and Apple Jack that the boys have hidden under the stove.....

Flushed out every brave plastic soldier who has taken refuge in the bunker under my sofa......

Discovered the true color of my carpet, the way it appears without a fine (or not so fine) layer of dog hair.....

Although I think I have a couple of light bulbs out, so maybe they didn't notice so much?

Hey... a daughter-in-law can dream, right?


Kidzmama said...

A clean house is a clean house no matter how it got that way. I'm sure they reminisced about how their home was the same way when they were raising their kids.

Besides, they probably kept all the spare change they found!

Suzi said...

We get tumble weeds of dog hair on our tile floors, they always get stuck in the cracks of the sectional. I was mortified when one of my kids slid the sofa apart to make more room to play Wii with his friends and there was all this hair!

Karen said...

I know that love/hate thing about cleaning. While I appreciate when my MIL does it for me, I'm mortified at what she must think of us.

Susie said...

300 yards with a 300 pounder of a coach? ouch!
I like metallica! Can you get a recording of that one?

Oh, and I love apple jacks and have always thought that the extra layer of dog hair just made the carpet a little softer;)

Sounds like life is going great for you--whoohoo for football season!

Cecily R said...

Oh, now you know what I would be doing if my MIL decided to clean my house...hiding. And then hiding again for weeks during family outings until I could face her again. YES. My house is that bad.