Friday, October 31, 2008

We Witnessed The Great One, And Satan Was Ejected

Disclaimer: By the time we got home, I got everyone off to bed, got the pictures uploaded to the computer, and sat down to write was too late to want to start editing pictures. So... you get them unedited. Live with it.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the parents of one of the boys on Coach and Bug's football team gave us tickets to tonight's Phoenix Coyotes hockey game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. (I still find it funny that my first thought upon receiving these tickets wasn't how awesome it would be to be able to go to a hockey game again. No. My first thought was how awesome it would be to be able to tell one of my favorite moms about it. I wonder if I'm blogging too much?) Knowing that we are a sports family, it should come as no great shock that we were all totally stoked to go to this game.
Well, we all were until we were driving to the arena tonight and Coach felt it was his sworn duty to make sure the boys watched the game at all times. Coach, in all his paternal wisdom, reminded the boys that hockey pucks have been known to fly over the plexiglass wall. And kill people. Kill them completely dead. (Did I mention that our seats were RIGHT BEHIND THE PENALTY BOX? No? Well, we were only five small rows off the ice! Awesome seats!!)

Bug spent most of the first period freaked out that the guys on the ice were going to just randomly slap that puck so hard it flew over and smacked him in the head. Great. Thanks, Dad. But then a hockey miracle happened. It started with Bug just sitting up on the edge of his seat watching the game. Then he started cheering a few individual players. Then he'd get really excited when the Coyotes did something great, and groan when the Penguins did. And then the Coyotes scored the first goal. That kid jumped up and cheered! By the second period, he'd started calling out to the ice, begging for some serious checking to happen, and everytime they's slam into the wall in front of us, I'd hear Yes! Awesome!

By the middle of the third period, he was standing up, turning to the crowd, and with his hands cupped around his mouth for maximum sound projection, was chanting Let's Go Coyotes! He was generously high-fiving everyone around us when our boys would score, and looking at me just long enough to remind me This is AWESOME, Mom!
The truly awesome part? Watching this kid get so wrapped up in the game he forgot to worry about a Random Puck Death.

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Carol said...

Hockey? I'm jealous. This normally red (Wings) girl is green with envy you not only got to go to a game, but live close enough to the arena to get there in less than a day's drive. Green, I tell ya!

Flea said...

LOL! That face is great! And not marred one bit by a puck. Glad y'all had an awesome time!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...


Burgh Baby said...

I would be jealous, but we get to see The Great One all the time. Even when he doesn't score any points, he blows my mind with his puck handling.

Glad Bug came around to being a hockey fan. He's still got a ways to go to rival Alexis (cause DUDE does that girl love hockey A LOT), but he's on the right track!

Totally kick ass that you thought of me, btw. :-)

Kidzmama said...

Again, not the big sports fan, but LOVE the Bug picture. I would still be ducking down low to avoid the slim chance of being pronounced dead at a hockey game. Sounds like you watch the kids more than the game.

Cecily R said...

HA! I must be blogging too much too, because I thought of Burgh and the Penins too when I read that...Oh, I am a dork.

AND. I LOVE LOVE that Bug was up leading the chants and rockin' some high fives. So great. That pic of him is even greater. Man, he is CUUUUTE (don't tell him. I don't know if its cool to be cuuuute at his age or not. Isaac would probably roll his eyes so hard they fell into his skull if he heard that...)!!

And one more thing. I don't know if I should admit this, because maybe it makes me sadistic or something, but the phrase Random Puck Death made me laugh.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

I love this last pic. Satisfaction!!!

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I love hockey. I've been to a Flyers game once and it was a blast. Glad you all had fun.

Hannah Noel said...

I've never been to a hockey game!! It looks like a lot of fun though, so maybe in the future ;)

Amy said...

As a mom, I am still worried about random puck death!

Karen said...

Im' sorry, I could think of nothing else through this post other than the fact that you probably had to go buy winter clothes to wear to one hockey game. And that's just all kinds of wrong.