Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do I Get The Leather Bustier, Too?

Dear Dream Gods,

I've decided to write this late in the day, so as to hopefully catch you before you start work again for the night. I know you all work hard (well, most of you. I do realize that some of you exist only to wreak havoc with the dream realm.) patrolling the night. I'm sure a lot of thought and planning go into the dreamscapes you bestow upon sleeping persons. And believe me when I tell you how amazingly grateful for that planning I truly am.

However, it's that very attention to detail that has me coming to you tonight.

Apparently, the other night, one of you felt it would be a grand idea to visit Coach. And while normally that doesn't warrant my attention, when he woke up the next morning Coach felt the need to clarify some of the details of that dream with me. It seems that I played an active role in his dream the night before. (It also seems that Coach is a closet voyeur, but that's another topic that I might or might not ever approach, since his parents read this blog) While I appreciate you taking the time to factor me into his dreams, 'cuz that's always nice, and to ensure that I'm just the hawtest thing around while in them, I'm afraid I'm left a little curious as to what you were actually thinking when you planned this particular dream. I get the part where he started dreaming of the TV show he was watching earlier in the evening; I even get the part where one of the people in the show somehow morphed into me. After all, it is a dream and they don't always have to make sense. So yeah, I get it.

In fact, my issue with this isn't even the dream itself, or the fact that you gave it to Coach. Oh no, that's not my problem. At all.

But Dream Gods, I ask you.... If you are going to insist that I engage in some amazingly awesome form of exercise with a really hot biker.....

Could you at least give me the same dream?!? Because there is no way that it's cool for Coach to find out about Jax before I even knew there was something to hide.

Thank you ever so much. I'll be waiting to see how you remedy this tonight,

Sports Mama

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Crazymamaof6 said...

hilarious! don't you love when they wake up with this "really great dream" . i'm sure you looked Hot in that leather bustier.