Monday, November 3, 2008

Reasons I Love Parenting Boys

Every now and again, I get asked if Coach and I ever wish we had a little girl. Disregarding the part where that question kind of sounds like we should regret that we feel our little family is just perfect the way it is, and the fact that while it's not what they say but we hear OH MY GAWD--You mean you actually LIKE having just boys? anyway; we do occasionally decide to answer them.

Although, knowing Coach and I, even the vague, anonymous blog way that most of you do, you probably realize that those answers are just packed full of sarcasm.

Well, when the boys were little we thought we'd try having a little girl. That idea lasted until they realized they were wearing dresses. Plus, the ponytails gave them headaches.

Honestly, Coach and I love parenting boys. There are some amazingly awful life experiences we will get to avoid by not having daughters. An overabundance of estrogen, for one. And while testosterone can be pretty bad, you can at least control it with three simple things: sports, cars and food. Estrogen? Can get fairly pricey to work around.

With boys, even ones of the teenage variety, we seldom have "bad hair days". Those days are called Grab A Hat And Go days in my house.

When noxious odors are discovered at random points of the house, not one Ewwww!! is heard. No, what you'll hear instead is a chorus of AWESOME! Who did that? Of course, since my crew DOES have manners and respect, that phrase is always followed by Sorry, Mom (or Sorry, Honey.. if he realizes he's been found out). Excuse me.

While there is still someone in the house young enough to actually giggle, it is not the obnoxious girl-giggle that occurs at a decibel high enough to pierce a dog's ears.

We will never have to go through the horror of finding the perfect prom dress, or wedding gown. Tears over any random thing? Do not happen in this house. (Shush! We're conveniently forgetting that I'm of the estrogen persuasion and still bawl like a baby frequently.) Coach will never be knocked out cold by the fume clouds of nail polish or polish remover.

And, mercy of all mercies, the only monthly visitor we will ever experience is the exterminator. This, if no other reason existed, would be enough to convince Coach that we are perfect just the way we are. Daughter-less.


Crazymamaof6 said...

hey hey hey! quit bragging. you are reminding me of all the horrors i get to face daily. ;)

boys are great.

girls are fun for a little bit every once in awhile.

being happy with what you've got? genius.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

First of all, your blog is gorgeous! Love!
Second, as a mom to 4 boys, I agree that raising boys is marvelous, I just adore all things boy, though it was a bit much to get used to at first. We also have one little girl and she brings us much joy, but man, boys and girls are so different!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

My kids are only four and so par parenting the boy is much easier than parenting the girl.

Another bonus: you don't have to fight with tights.

Flea said...

My eleven year old boy still screams and laughs like a girl. I'm thinking of having that checked out.

I always wanted six boys, so I can totally empathize. :)

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

AMEN~!!! And people wonder why I hesitate to try again. I could actually end up with a girl!

Mary said...

oh i get that question all the time.."going to try for a girl now?"
i have two young boys and i absolutely love it..:)
great post!

I am Boymom said...

Everytime I go to my sister's house and spend time with my nieces, whom I love, I thank my lucky stars for my boys! And A-freakin'-men on the whole monthly visitor thing! I can barely deal with my own hormonal escapades, don't want to have to deal with a teeny-bopper when that joyous visitor arrives! I love being a Boymom, stinkies and all!

ali said...

With 2 boys of my own, I thank my lucky stars everyday for not having to deal with the hair issue!

Huckdoll said...

I always get asked the same thing, but about trying for a boy and my answer is heck no! Not because I don't want a boy (I would love a boy and thought until a 25 week ultrasound that my twins were boys because Baby Daddy and his twin brother are...logical thinking, lol) but because I never want to be pregnant again! *shudders*

What I always heard about boys and girls is that girls are so much easier for the first few years (heh, I'd like to disagree) but that they are so emotionally hard to raise for so many more years. Ugh...if my girls are anything like I was as a pre-teen and teen then I am in big BIG trouble :D

Kidzmama said...

I can agree with the whole time of the month thing. Clever is ten and we're not there officially, but we might as well be.

Hair. It's a problem for Clever and Funny. Only cause we let Funny grow it so long.

I always thought I'd end up with three boys, but two of each is fine with me. Once we get through the first set, we'll forget everything and start over with the last two.

Burgh Baby said...

And yet your (fabulous!) list reminds me of all the reasons I love having a girl. Amazing how things just seem to work out right.