Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Superhero And His Sidekick

Fair warning, my friends. There is the real possibility that this particular post will contain just a smidge of TMI. Read on at your own risk. You've been warned.

Every night, Coach makes the choice to sleep the way God intended him to. In his birthday suit. After all, despite the fact that it's November, it is STILL the Arizona desert. And almost every night Bug manages to walk in the room right as Coach drops trow and sides beneath the covers. (side note... Coach is in bed about 30 minutes before the boys since he gets up so stinkin' early. Hence.... why Bug is able to come into the room to tuck his dad in instead of the other way around.) And every night, Bug pulls no punches on the melodramatic reaction. Which is where this gets so funny. See, he's created a new nickname for his dad that never ceases to crack me and Coach up every time he uses it.

Ahhhh!!!! I'm blind!!! Naked Lad!!

And then he runs out of the room.

Well, the other night as he was leaving, he decided to shut the door on his way out. (Which? Was extremely out of character for him, as the only door he is good about shutting when he leaves a room is the bathroom. Yes, he closes the bathroom door AFTER he's out of it.) As he's holding his eyes, calling his dad Naked Lad while he shuts the door, Coach calls after him Is that some kind of superhero or something? just as the door closes. After a brief, two or three second pause, the door slowly opens to reveal Bug's perplexed face while he asks this question

Did you just call me a churro??

I laughed until I cried. And then I snorted. It was great.


Kristi said...

bwahahahahah! ARen't you so glad that you are writing all this stuff down? What a crack up!

Cecily R said...

I'm with Kristi....SO glad you write this stuff down. THAT's what I am talking about when I say looking for the positives gets me out of bed in the morning. Those stories are the BEST.

Thanks for your AWESOME comment yesterday. Out of anyone I knew you would get me and my whining and still love me in spite of it. I can't tell you how much that means to me. Well, I could, but it would take forever. :)

Call me when you get a chance (I'll explain why YOU have to call me when you do).

P.S. Your new profile pic is HOTTTTTTTTTT. I mean HAWT!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...


Anonymous said...

What's a churro??

If you're good at sewing, sew Coach a superhero costume..."NL" emblazoned on the front.. ;)

TheMoncurs said...

Bwahahahahaha churro!

Kidzmama said...

Bug is too funny!! I'm still laughing. Naked Lad. Ha!

My hubby has the same habit. It's been getting down to 20 degrees at night. We keep the heat set to 64 degrees. I don't know how he does it. Me? Socks, sweats pants, and two shirts. Terribly sexy.

Flea said...

I like your new profile pic too. :)

So what exactly is he calling a churro again? ;)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

NL should be an SNL skit!!


Karen said...

I wish I had heeded your warning. Somehow I cannot stop thinking about things that I should't. I will be running all day yelling AHHHH!!! NEKKID LAD!!!!!!! as well.

I am Boymom said...

Oh, that was hysterical! Funny about the bathroom door thing, my youngest does that too after he's done! Whatever! Now I will have that phrase in my head when my kid runs through the house nude after his shower! "Aauugghh!! Naked Lad!" Say hi to Churro for me and thank him for the new phrase.