Monday, November 17, 2008

Just When You Thought You Were Safe....

Picking up where we left off here, here and here, I'm feeling generous. Mostly. I thought I'd torture.... um, I mean entertain you with more randomness about me. However, since I can never seem to get past ten useless bits of trivia, we'll see just how generous I end up being.

#51. I find it almost physically impossible to just eat a grape. I need to either attempt to peel it first, or bite off the tip and maneuver the insides out before I eat the skin. Cool parlor trick; not as amusing when it forces your kids to eat their own grapes slower so that I don't start whining that they got more than I did from the bunch.

#52. I love eating French-style green beans directly out of the can. And don't give me any of that "low-sodium" crap.... I need them salted. If I'm feeling particularly gourmet, I sprinkle bacon bits into the can before I dig in with my fork. Or my fingers. I'm not that picky with these.

#53. I love caramel IN my ice cream, and any caramel-y sort of ice cream, like Snickers Ice Cream bars. However, I do not like caramel SAUCE on top of my ice cream. Ick.

#54. Going back to the bacon bits up there, I love them in just about all hot foods. I put them on my baked potatoes, in my mashed potatoes, baked with cheese on my chicken, in my vegetables. I will even eat them plain. Actually, I'll even eat them in the cold stuff like green salads and pasta salads. Just keep them away from the ice cream.

#55. My favorite meal is spaghetti. It is also my children's least favorite meal. Consequently, it makes a great punishment. Awful to them, without punishing myself like grounding them would do. Talk back to me, will you? Didn't finish your homework? Lost the TV remote? HAH! It's spaghetti for dinner then!

#56. I despise peanut butter and jelly. Unless there is some wacky thing going on with my hormones. Then I can't get enough of it. In fact, I didn't eat it at all from the time I was about ten until I was nursing Bug, when I wanted it all the time. Now it's just when the hormones are realllllly out of whack.

#57. Actually, I don't much like peanuts in general. I do, however, love to just suck all the salt off of them. Makes me a lot of fun at those restaurants that serve you giant buckets of peanuts before your meal.

#58. I love popcorn, lots of popcorn. BUT... it has to be the movie theater butter kind or its just not worth it. I've tried less buttery popcorn, but it's icky. The best popcorn has enough butter and salt to clog my arteries just by looking at it.

#59. I am also a big fan of comfort food. Chicken fried steak and thick mashed potatoes, smothered in white country gravy; homemade macaroni and cheese; hash brown casserole with lots of creamy cheesy goodness. Mmmm.... I think for my anniversary this year I'm going to convince Coach to take me to Cracker Barrel.

#60. I love the way bananas taste when they've been soaking in cold milk. I will slice up a banana to put in my cereal just for that taste. What? That's healthy too?? Crap, I may have to contemplate quitting that.

And there you have it. Another ten random bits about me that you now, quite possibly, wish you didn't know. Are you any better off for knowing these things? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure though......

I am now sufficiently hungry enough to actually WANT to cook dinner when I get home tonight.


Flea said...

A random food fact post! An icky one. Though I'm right there with ya on the salty thing. French sliced beans, though, are simmered till hot, drained, then have butter and seasoned bread crumbs added. Heaven, I tell ya. I can eat many cans of just that.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You put a little itty bitty pic of you up!! I love it!!

Hallie :)