Monday, December 1, 2008

Sugar Cubes. They're Not Just For Tea And Coffee.

We've had a busy school project week here in the SportsFamily locker room. Specifically, high school projects. I'm sure at some point, Bug will get to do something fun like this (and when I say "fun", you do realize I'm being almost overly sarcastic, right? Good.) that will have the added benefit of enhancing the relationship he has with his parents; but for now, Jock is the lucky one. Really. Lucky.

This past weekend found us facing two projects. An Egyptian pyramid, and a Roman shield. I actually think the Roman shield is turning out really cool, and the entire process has been awesome to witness, since it's been a great thing for Jock and Coach. BUT...I think we'll talk about that one at another time. Jock says he should be completely finished with it tomorrow, which is when I'll get the final picture of it. After all, can't do a story on it without all the pictures, right?

Anyway, enough rambling from me. And while I know that might be difficult, both for you to believe and for me to achieve, we will soldier on here. The Egyptian Pyramid. Right.

Fortunately for me, this was completed at someone else's house. (They had to work in partners. Worked fabulously for me!) The boys split the provision responsibilities, and set a time to meet up to get the work done. As I spent all day (All.DAY.) at baseball registration on Saturday (Have I mentioned that it's that time of year again? No? Well, it is. I'm preparing for the insanity that is being the Secretary of the Little League. Pray for me. Often.) it was up to Coach to provide taxi service. Which he did quite well, although he didn't make much in tips. Poor man. He'll learn.

The pyramid turned out great, actually. Wanna see?

It's still sitting at this other boy's house. When I asked Jock if he could trust this kid to get it to school on time so that they got full credit, he informed me: Mom, he's one of the SMART kids. It will be there. But do you want to know the best part for me? Check out the background. Go on, look closely.

Finally. I am not the only mother around here who has dishes in her sink. I think I could be friends with this woman. I know I will be encouraging a long, long friendship with this kid for Jock.


I am Boymom said...

I love moms with dishes in their sinks! Great job on the pyramid! Hope there aren't ants in the classroom!

Karen said...

I think there are 23.7 hours of the day that I have dishes in my sink. You are lucky, indeed, if you can catch that .3 hour that it's empty. I think that makes you normal.

Flea said...

That is one cool ziggaurat. The boys did a fine job. And maybe you and this mom should get together for coffee, huh?

Burgh Baby said...

Man, I never have dishes in my sink. It's one thing that makes my husband NUTSO, so he'll always slam them into the dishwasher, regardless of the state of the universe.

The boys did a great job!

pattyd said...

Did you not learn from your mom and the TJFL, secretary for baseball! LOL!!!

AFF said...

Rome & Egypt together? What kinda alternative history is this? And, ugh - the group project. I loathe the group project.

Shellie said...

That is great, on both accounts.