Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend Randoms

Jock might not be sporting the best grade point average of the sophomore class, but never let it be said that this kid isn't smart when it matters.

He had an English final coming up, and the class was allowed to pair up with partners of their own choosing. When I asked him why he chose the partner he did, his response was

Mom, she's got the highest grade in the class. (can you hear that with the Duh, Mom tone he used?)


The other night, Bug was attempting to negotiate a later bedtime. We've found that 9:30 works great for him. Any earlier, and we're spending entirely too much time trying to keep him there, and any later and he has a really hard time the next morning. It's a fine line we walk with this one.

Bug: Mom, pllleeeaaassee.... can I stay up until 10?
Me: No. Dude, you're 10 years old.
Bug: Exactly. I'm 10 years old, and it's 10 o'clock. It's supposed to be that way.

With that logic, I'm out of luck here. There is no 35 o'clock in any time zone.


In case you are not yet aware, Jock has a new girlfriend (Yes, another one. I almost can't keep up with them. I will say that I've noticed a trend with these girls, and I'll just say that his tastes do not stray towards blonds. This gentleman seems to prefer brunettes. Go figure.). Every teenager we've ever known has more pictures in their cell phones of friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and anything else than they will ever look at. Jock's phone is mostly full of pictures of muscle cars sports cars he sees on the streets, with a few of his friends. However, he has NEVER had a picture of ANY of his girlfriends in his phone. EVER.

So when Coach asked him why he didn't have a picture of the latest, his reply had us busting up.

She's just not as photogenic as I am.

I'm sure what he meant to say was that she wasn't as agreeable to being photographed as he was, and we all know how agreeable he is. Just look at the sidebar picture of him to prove it.


Shellie said...

Ha ha, I just love it! And I love how they jump from one love interest to another like turning a page in a book. And then it's so fun when they flip back and forth.

T said...

Way to pair up with the smart girl! My 9 year old can barely stay awake 'til 9 o'clock - it's the 4 year old and the 6 year old begging for the later bedtimes. (I've given up on the oldest 2 - once they're taller than me I let the hubby do all the arguing!)

Flea said...

Bwahaha! Maybe she's really not photogenic? My boy's girl (I REFUSE TO THINK OF HER AS A GIRLFRiEND - LALALA!!!!) is extremely photogenic. But difficult to capture on camera. Maybe Jock's girl is that way too.

Kidzmama said...

Oh, bedtimes. Such a fine line. We had adjusted ours recently. Baby needs the most sleep so she goes up about 8pm. Funny needs a lot of sleep so he's not so emotional the next day. We put Funny, Happy, and Clever to bed by 8:30pm and Clever get to read until 9:30pm. This makes her very, very happy.

Smart guy you have there. And because he's so cute, I'm sure the smartest girl in the class thinks she did good too!