Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures In Buying a "Fan Club" (Otherwise known as an Athletic Supporter)

I'm sure I've said quite often how much I really do enjoy parenting boys. They're easy, less drama, and they are just plain fun. And oh, do they ever keep me laughing.

Jock came home from baseball practice tonight grumbling. Apparently, the coach had the nerve to suggest that my boy would make a good back up catcher. (Please note the sarcasm, directed completely towards my silly son. Jock hasn't played catcher for more than half an inning in about 3 years. He knows the position, but it certainly isn't his primary one. The coach needed a a back up, one of the other boys mentioned Jock had played it before, so the coach tried him there. And liked what he saw well enough to tell my boy he'd like to see more.) After *gently* reminding my son that ANY playing time is GOOD playing time, and that he should ..ahem, CONTINUE... looking at this as a way to get on that diamond more (15 boys on the team, only 9 can be on the diamond..... he only has to be consistently better than 6 of them!), we finally got to the REAL reason he wasn't happy.

He has to wear a cup to play catcher.

He hates wearing one. It's not that he disagrees with the purpose behind them. Oh no! He's all for the protection. However, he feels he can't run as fast with one on. And he thinks it's a hassle to constantly be taking it out and putting it back in there between innings. However, he maintains enough of his sanity NOT to have argued with the coach, and agreed to wear one. Only one small problem.

He didn't have one that fit him. Because these things are apparently like shoes, and as you grow you need to get bigger ones; and as the last time he wore one he was 13 (and I'll admit to being just clueless enough for it to ... literally.... just occur to me that this means he hasn't been wearing one during the last two football seasons, either. **Note to self.... talk to that boy about that, and how it's really much more acceptable to me if he wears one from now on.**); It.Didn't.Fit.

Now, as his mother, the last thing on my mind is his cup size. Honestly, since the last time I saw what needs to fit in there he was only about 5, all those things look too big. And uncomfortable. But I'm a girl, so what do I know? So off we went to the sporting goods store.

All you mothers of boys out there, just remember that forewarned is forearmed. Especially if your boys are athletes. Most especially if your boys are athletes in sports that require the use of protective equipment for your future grandchildren. Much like bodily air emissions and use of the word "poop", athletic cups are a massive source of amusement. For example:

--The supporter itself can be pulled out of the package and stretched, testing for elasticity.

--The cup can also be removed from the package, and held closely to what it will be holding; you know... to assure a snug fit.

--Both of those can be remarked upon as one of the following: Too small....Too tight...Looks like old man underwear....or Holy Hell that's huge!

And all of this can (and probably will if your boys are ANYTHING like mine) absolutely be done while shopping with their mother.

It's a good thing I don't embarrass easily. He knows that now.

Which actually scares me. He's a smart one, this kid. I can only imagine what he'll try to do next time we go shopping for something.


T said...

can I just thank my lucky stars that the ManOfTheHouse takes care of the athletic gear shopping for our family!

Karen said...

Oh my. I had no idea. None. I grew up with sisters. Here's hoping that my non-athletic kids continue that way.

I had no idea.

Burgh Baby said...

And you have officially convinced me that should the need ever arise, the position of Cup Shopper will be granted to Mr. Husband. AHHHH!

Cecily R said...

I'm with Burgh. While it may be totally funny blog reading, I'm afraid of these moments in the future.

Cup Shopper...heh.