Friday, May 15, 2009

The Silver Lining

We were standing in the kitchen the other night when the most alarming thought occurred to Bug.

When Jock turns 18 in two years and moves out, I'm only going to be 13!!! I'll have five whole years left without him! Why didn't you and Dad plan this any better?

He.Was.Devastated. Truly, sincerely heartbroken that his big brother will not be living here for those five years of his life. And this is what inspires me the most about this kid, I think. He didn't even realize, or if so--it wasn't as important, that this would mean he could reap the benefits of being an only child for those five years. No. Instead, he saw only how much he will miss having Jock around.

Every rotten thing, every hurtful word, every instance of being ignored that his big brother dishes out is forgotten almost immediately. Rather, what is remembered are the times Jock will sit down and play cars with him, or hang out and play darts with him. The times when Jock will tell him what a great play he made on the field, or what an awesome hit he had. This is what Bug remembers, and what he will miss when Jock leaves.

They say hope springs eternal, and optimism is often skewed. But in my opinion, hope and optimism coming from my young son are a blessing and a gift. They remind me that there is always a reason to look for the best in any situation, and in all people.
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Wayne said...

I remember thinking when my niece was born that when she was ten I would be 20

great photo friday

Cecily R said...

The bond between those two is pretty amazing. And pretty rare. I love that.

Great pic of the shortie too!!

Flea said...

That's the sweetest thing ever. My boys are three years apart and I think the youngest will have the same response. Two peas in a pod, our boys.

followthatdog said...

Oh man, that's so sweet. I hope by boys end up liking each other that much when they're teens. At ages 3 and 5 it is a toss up, sometimes they love each other, and sometimes they are mortal enemies.
Happy bloghopping!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Connor misses CJ everyday.


Karen said...

Your kids are the best. That's a result of modeled parenting right there.