Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Office Briefs

For the first time in oh... ever, I think.... I work in an office with quite a few other women. Every other office I've ever been in has been with one or two other women and several men. This is definitely different. The politics and dynamics are so unbalanced.

Yes, I said it. An office full of women is unbalanced. If that upsets you, simply throw chocolate at me. It might help.


I got to watch a DUI stop out of my office window today. The full test, too. (Well, I'm assuming. I couldn't hear if the guy had to sing the backwards ABC's or not. Ya know, big ole Plexiglas window and all.) I'm assuming he failed, as the tow truck was called to come get the vehicle.

The really sad (or alternately amusing, depending on which woman in the office you talked to today) part? It was not quite 11:00 AM.


My computer at work is consistently 4 minutes slow. While in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal and really shouldn't be something that bugs me; I can't help feeling like I'm losing an extremely valuable 4 minutes.

Which totally explains why I'm obsessively wasting at least 15 minutes a day making sure the time is set to the correct time.


An office FULL of women. Full of fairly young women. (I think there might only be one older than me, and I refuse to call myself middle aged.)

And yet there are no candy dishes sitting out; and not one single, solitary piece of chocolate can be found ANYWHERE in here.

No wonder we're all so unbalanced.

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Karen said...

Well, duh. They all know that if chocolate is set out it'll be gone in 2.3 seconds, leaving a lone candy wrapper to blow across the wasteland of what was once a desk.