Monday, July 20, 2009

Who Makes The Rules Around Here?

Everyone reach down and place your hand palm down on your floor. (I'll wait) Does it feel cool to the touch? Cold, even? Because I think Hell might have frozen over.

I stayed home sick from the ball park tonight. (In the interest of complete honesty and full disclosure.... actually, I went to the park only to come home. But it counts, right?)

I know, it surprised me too. I came home sick from work today, but really thought I should go to the park. After all, its MY league that's hosting; and I AM on the District staff, as well. Doesn't that mean I have some sort of responsibility to show up every night of the tournament? I mean, I know that I am the ONLY member of our league's Board of Directors who seems to think that they need to actually be present every night at a tournament they are hosting, which means that generally I AM the only one there every night. But that shouldn't mean that no one else has to be be there. And on one of those rare occasions that someone else shows up, there really shouldn't be any reason I still feel the need to stick around and make sure things are running smooth. (Apparently, along with the stomach-ickiness that this particular bug brings, it also brings an extra heaping dose of sarcasm. Go figure.)

I am not the only board member. I am not the only board member. I am NOT the only board member. If I repeat it enough, eventually I will remember that small detail.

Anyway, as I came home sick from work, and am still feeling especially craptastic, (and more to the point, the other District reps ganged up on me and told me to go home--no one else wanted to get sick) I decided to let the other board members have a shot at running things for a night. Besides, as I was reminded by my children:

If you're too sick for work or school, you're too sick for baseball.

I'm still not sure how I feel about having my rules turned around and used against me. I'll let you know if I ever feel human again.

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Anonymous said...

A very good rule! My father enforced that rule with zeal. Some days, we weren't allowed out of bed if we didn't go to school. Sheesh! Now if only I could teach my husband this rule...

Sorry you're sick... feel better!