Friday, July 17, 2009

Wilbur Got A Bad Rap

Have you ever heard anyone remark on the intelligence level of pigs (actual curly-q tailed, no preservatives, pre-processing pork)? If I have, I don't remember it. But I think they may be pretty darn smart.

My little corner of the desert, being hotter than the backyard of Hades this time of year, has an annual tradition called Monsoon Madness. The town takes over a local park and erects water slides and other water features to play in, mud volleyball pits, and a giant mudslide. There is so much mud that even if you are not on one of the volleyball teams or actually going down the mudslide, you STILL end up with mud on your clothes. There are children of all ages running around this park, literally covered from head to toe in slimy, oozy mud.

Slimy, oozy COOL mud. Which is spectacularly awesome on a day where you are once again facing temperatures above 110 degrees.

Last weekend it was time for Monsoon Madness; and Bug found himself swept up in the fever. So while Jock couldn't see any good reason to wallow in the mud and so stayed home, Bug and I headed off to the park. Where he, many many times, would go down that ginormous mud slide only to run to the other end of the park and clean off by sliding down the slip and slide. Only to go tearing back down to the other end of the park to go down that mud slide again.

So while I found myself a nice chair in the shade by the giant mister fans, talking to the mom of one of his friends (because really? What else is there for a mom to do after getting splashed with mud your first time standing anywhere close to the mudslide?), Bug had the time of his life.

Pigs must be pretty darn smart. And I bet they have the most fantastically fun times!
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Flea said...

Pigs are incredibly intelligent. :) Mud ROCKS!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

TOTALLY FUN! love that. lucky guy got to wallow in the mud!


Fine Life Folk said...

I wish my mom let me play in the mud as a kid as well...

Carol said...

I remember doing that once when I was a teen. In the spring they would have an "anything that floats" race down one of the local rivers. It always ended at the same field and my junior year of high school was a particularly wet spring. The field was like soup. The day of the race was hot. And somewhere along the way, I got picked up and tossed into the deepest pit of mud. Not sure what I did to deserve that honor, but you should have seen the look on my mother's face when I got home. LMAO!

I Am Boymom said...

I so wanted to take my boys to Monsoon Madness this year and totally spaced it. Bummer! It looks like so much fun!