Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is There No End To My Talent?

I'm a Renaissance Mama.... I can sing songs by Ozzy Osbourne (Crazy Train), the Beastie Boys (No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn), Pat Benatar (We Belong) and Michael Jackson (Beat It) on Rock Band. My boys couldn't decide if they were impressed that I knew all of those songs, or mortified that I actually sang them. Well, I suppose there really isn't any singing involved with the Beastie Boys; but you get my drift.

It was, however, pointed out to me that I rap like, well.... crap. It was further suggested by Jock that when I do "get the cajones" to audition for something like America's Got Talent (because hello? I'm too stinkin' old to audition for any other show), I stick to the music I most know and not attempt to branch out into other genres. Not that you're bad at them, Mom, just that you're better at the other stuff, ya know?

God, I love that kid. Especially when he steps out of his stoic athlete mode to embarrass himself, too. HE attempted to sing La Bamba. And that? Was not so good. Funny, though? Abso-freakin'-lutely.

And I'll go one step further, and give all three of my guys props. Each of them tried several songs on each of the instruments: bass guitar, lead guitar and drums. Jock and Bug even tried vocals on a few songs. So yes, they are all better men than I. Because I? Wouldn't touch any of those instruments all night long. Oh no. I know where my talents lay, and it is certainly not in handling anything resembling an instrument. I tried the clarinet in elementary school, and I believe my parents still visibly flinch if they even see the case. And I think I'm still finding splinters in my tongue from that stupid reed.

Really, why would anyone want to suck on a strip of wood??


Cecily R said...

HAHAHA! My parents are the same way about the vioin. NOT a good experiment.

And now I really REALLY want to hear your kid singing La Bamba!!!!!

Flea said...

LOL!!! My youngest mumbles into the mic. And Jock had the cajones to say that to you, huh? :)

I Am Boymom said...

Laughing! I played the clarinet for 5 years. I loved it. We don't have the whole Rock Band Ensemble, we're still messin around with the original Guitar Hero (yeah, we were slow on the uptake with this whole music gaming thing). But I love that our whole family can get involved.
I too know where my talent lies and tend to stick to songs like I Love Rock and Roll, cause it's easy to play. After that I just hang out and watch the real players jam out while I dance and sing...which really bugs my boys.

Bunchy said...

Well, let's face it. What kind of mother would you be if you DIDN'T know Crazy Train??????