Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Pride and Promises

I know there's a school fight song at my son's high school. That doesn't mean I actually know the song. That is probably a shameful thing to admit, especially since that song is played after every single touchdown the football team scores. And over the last two seasons, with both the Freshman and last year's JV team going UNDEFEATED, there have been approximately 128 touchdowns (I'm not even kidding; the average score for our team for each game for those two years: 48) I have heard that song A LOT. Yet I don't know it.

What I DO know is that tomorrow marks the first time this season I get to wear MY football uniform. And yes, I do have specific clothes that I wear; and I'm convinced that is why our team went undefeated for two seasons. Yes, I do have sports superstitions; why do you ask?

Tomorrow morning, I will don very specific underthings. A very specific pair of pants. A very specific shirt. Everything, with the exception of my pants, is in the school colors. (Not the pants, because let's face it; NO ONE looks good in pants of this color. You'll just have to trust me on this one.) Fortunately, this is a good color scheme for me. Although I'd wear it even if it wasn't.

Last night, when I got home from work and did my regular stop in Jock's room on my way in from the garage (I do this every night. I walk in, drop my stuff in the hallway outside his door, go in and shut the door; then I sit on his bed while he takes a break from his homework and we talk about ... whatever. I think it might be one of my favorite times of day.). When I mentioned to him that I'd be at the game, and be on time, he made a comment to me that might just sum up my entire parenting life:

Mom, you're ALWAYS there. And you're ALWAYS on time.

I made a promise to that kid some time ago that I would always be there. Through many job changes and life circumstances, that hasn't always been an easy promise to keep. But I am so proud of my son for always working so hard each week, playing with heart, dedication and commitment, and displaying good sportsmanship at all times that I make the effort to keep that promise.

And while I might not know the school song, I do know the school colors. And I can be found proudly sporting them every week.

Because I'm always there.


Grace said...

That's super special that your son knows you're always there supporting him. Loads of kids would want a parent like you in their corner.

Karen said...

And that's one of the many things that I love about you - your priorities are always dead on.

Bunchy said...

Just one more reason we all think you rock!!

Iqra said...

I love it that your son appreciates what you're doing for him and that you make it a priority to do it for him in the first place. My brother usually oscillates between "you don't do anything for me" and "what would I do without you?" (I guess it depends on his mood!)