Monday, September 21, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

I'm a fairly simple woman. Truly, I am. You can stop laughing now, Coach. You too, Austin! I really am pretty simple. I don't need diamonds and luxury cars or designer clothes to make me smile. I don't need fancy dinners out (although occasionally being treated to Panda Express is never a bad thing) or drinks you can't just twist the top off of. Really, it doesn't take much to make my heart smile all the way to my eyes.

--Listening to Jock sing along with the stereo while he's doing his homework. This makes me happy on different levels. See, he's doing his homework. On his own. And he's singing and enjoying music for what it is. The music he tends to listen to the most is classic rock, with the occasional rockin' country song thrown in there from Toby Keith or Rascal Flatts. People, much as I love my boy, I can totally admit that the only way he could carry a tune was in a bucket. He knows this, which is why he won't sing where anyone can hear him. So to hear him belting Life Is A Highway at the top of his lungs (or close to it) while he's doing homework? Is beautiful to me.

--Sharing a bowl of popcorn with Coach while we're sitting on the sofa watching TV. He always lets me have the most buttery pieces. Always.

--When my big baby Kenai (that would be my big dog, for those of you new to my little place here) ignores all the rules and his training, and climbs right up into my lap, like he was a tiny little chihuahua instead of a big German Shepherd. He just loves me and wants to show me occasionally. Or when Molly will come lay her little nose on my lap, and just look at me. She and I both know she wants to jump up into my lap and curl into as tight a ball as her little terrier/corgi body will go. Sometimes? I let her.

--Watching Bug dance. He moves to his own beat, and creates his own steps. He'll never win any contests, but he'll always feel the music in his heart and in his soul; and that's what dancing should be about.

I firmly believe that if you're going to smile, you should absolutely feel it move from your heart past your lips and into your eyes. My three guys and my two furry babies?

They make my heart smile all the way to my eyes. And I wouldn't trade any of them for all the chocolate, or Panda Express, in the world.


Huckdoll said...

Aww. That was such a sweet post. You remind me a lot of me in the way that it's not the fancy this and that which make us smile. I actually have fancy nothing and my favourite and most extravagant date is when Colin takes me to a Vancouver Canucks hockey game :) Other that than, all my smiles come from my family.

Karen said...

You've got your priorities right where they need to be. That's why I love you.

Iqra said...

I loved this post. Family love and pet love has no replacement.