Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Feast of My Life

For the last several years, Coach and I have had two turkeys at our table every Thanksgiving. These turkeys keep getting bigger and bigger, to accommodate our lives. The bigger they get, the more full of flavor they seem to become, too.

Each year, in addition to the bigger turkeys, there seems to always be more and more stuffing, potatoes and other assorted side dishes. As with the turkeys, these become more flavorful and exciting. We've rotated some dishes in, and some dishes out; but we still keep adding to the table.

The gravy gets thicker every year, and yet still manages to be the perfect consistency. It covers everything that needs covering, adding just the right amount of "extra" to whatever it needs to. We've learned that no matter what, we know that we can count on that gravy to be there, doing what needs to be done to enhance those turkeys and side dishes. Making everything so good you often can't pinpoint that it was the gravy that pushed it into awesomeness.

And we seem to always be blessed with an abundance of desserts, as well. Plates of things so sweet you can't help closing your eyes in bliss, and smiling until your dimples hurt. Dishes that seem so rich and decadent, you don't even realize how good for you they actually are!

Two growing turkeys, constantly changing and adding to the never-ending table of side dishes, enhanced by the gravy to always be better than they could be without it, with the sweet parts afterward savored and enjoyed; this is how life should be.

This is life at my house. Every day, not just at Thanksgiving. My turkeys are the joys of my life, and I would be lost if we didn't have all those side dishes to enjoy. The gravy I love so much might be thicker every year, but without it we'd all be less than what we could be since that gravy enhances our life without even realizing it. And the sweetness after all is said and done? Well, I couldn't live without seeing those dimples and feeling something so rich in my life.

I'm so thankful that God chose to bless me with this feast.  I may not deserve it, I may often unknowingly try to sabotage it. I may, on occasion, burn something that has to be tossed and started over again. But I am always so, so, so grateful He has given it to me.


Thom said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Best to you and your family!

Rockin Austin said...

Okay, I have to admit first I thought you really had two turkeys on your table. And knowing that you really don't "enjoy" cooking...yeah. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm very thankful that I have you in my life again, still and for a long time to come.

Huckdoll said...

*The* best Thanksgiving post I've read this year. Thanks for sharing your gratitude with the world <3

T said...

I was also wondering for awhile how on earth you were consuming two turkeys... glad these are the kind that bring joy and not just heartburn :)