Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grace Is Not An Adjective Applied To Me

I used to be much more of a girly-girl. Really. You can ask anyone I went to high school with, and they'll tell you that I spent a ridiculous amount of time worrying about what my hair, nails, clothes, make-up, etc. looked like. I was (mostly) graceful, and easily able to cart around beautiful, breakable things without fear of tripping over some random air molecule and watching those beautiful, breakable things smash into many, many pieces at my feet while I stood there, paralyzed, watching with ginormous rounded eyes.

(There is also the possibility that the way I remember myself from 20 years ago is not *quite* the way other people will remember me from 20 years ago. In the event of any differing opinions, please just remember that this is my blog, and I'll sprinkle glittery pixie dust over my memories if I want to.)

And then I had children. Not just children, mind you; I went and had myself some BOY children. Boy children who are not graceful, not even mostly; and who are not able to cart around beautiful, breakable things without that fear of smashing them.  And as the first rule of adapting to new environments is to adjust your own behaviors to match those of the people surrounding you, naturally I morphed into someone resembling my boys. Now my hair and nails look is no longer high on my list of priorities, as anyone who knows me now could attest to (but...please don't. It just won't sound nice.); and I am ALWAYS the one who finds the random air molecule to trip over. Seriously. Always.

This weekend I had the fabulous opportunity to combine a couple of fun things. I got to finally meet one of my blog friends, and I got to do something girly.  My friend was hostessing a craft party, and I got to make some frilly fun crafts. And despite the fact that it really was glaringly obvious that I am simply not a frilly fun crafty sort of person, my little crafts turned out kinda pretty. Especially the Christmas ornament.

Until I dropped it.

Stupid malicious air molecules that love hanging out by the doors of my truck just reached out and shoved, shoved I tell you!, that pretty ornament right out of my hand. I could hear their molecule laughter as it hit the ground.

Maybe one of these days I'll manage to outsmart them.  Or at least manage to be quicker about getting into my truck.


Flea said...

You don't have to curse the air molecules. Just pack your pretties in layers of foam batting and cotton wads prior to carrying. :)

I'm sorry you broke your ornament.

Shellie said...

Well, I'm crafty but I'm a total clutz, add wild children and I don't do breakables.

Rockin Austin said...

Yes, you were a 'girly-girl' and had big poofy (in-style!) hair. And you are still beautiful and still have in-style hair and I think that you don't give yourself enough credit. As far as falling over molecules and such...well...can't say much there. ;)

Iqra said...

Falling over air molecules! Good one :)

Huckdoll said...

Having two girls has most definitely inspired girliness - maybe even more so than before I had kids.

That said, glass ornaments are sooo banned here even with a majority of girls - at least 4 of my favorites were broken last year :)

Glad you got out with the girls doing girl stuff!