Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Really Need to Channel Emeril. Or Paula Dean. Or Someone.....

So I've got this friend that is just one of the most awesome people I know. She's a single mom of four beautiful and amazing boys, and despite the fact that she is younger than me and her kids are younger than mine....I want to be as wonderful a mother as she is. I want to be just like her when I grow up! She's just that fantastic.

So it was absolutely no surprise that, upon finding myself in something of a dilemma this evening, she was the first person I thought to call.

Me: Hey! Okay... so you're the Queen of All Things Mom, and if anyone can help me here, you can. 
Her:  Ummm.... sure. Why not?
Me:  Okay. It's almost 7pm, I won't be home until about 7:30, and I have to make dinner. I've got chicken in the sink, sitting in cold water, and it's ready to cook. The problem is that all I know how to do with it is bake it. And that takes 35-45 minutes. If I want anyone to get to bed, that's just not gonna work. So... what can I do to cook the stupid chicken faster? 
Her:  Where's your husband?
Me:  Sick. And I don't want his germs. 
Her: Huh. Okay then.... the teenager?
Me: Oh no. We actually want a chance to EAT this chicken. And you can shush. I know I haven't taught him to actually cook with real meat products. And yes, I admit, there is some serious suckage to my parenting skills. Just move on and help me with the stupid chicken! 
Her: Hon, it would help if you could at least tell me what you have in your pantry.

So, being MacGuyver, based on what I tell her is currently in my less than stellar larder, she gives me a recipe that actually sounds easy and yummy. And would only take 25 minutes or so. Bonus!  And so I'll love her forever and ever and ever.

Or maybe just a couple of "evers"..... See, at the end of that conversation, she drops this one on me:

You DO realize that is actually a recipe YOU gave ME a few years ago, right? 

So apparently I actually have it in me to cook on the fly. Who knew?


Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

How too funny. OMG, you're a hoot.

Big Mark 243 said...

That is too cute! We tend to underestimate our own abilities. Would SO not be surprised if the Queen considers herself in your court and thinks of YOU as the Queen of all things Mom-tastic!

Uh, that teen boy can't cook ..? Better get that cat in the kitchen!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

love it! hilarious you forgot your skills!

Rockin Austin said...


Karen said...

And you're not sharing the recipe with the rest of us culinary challenged readers?

Shellie said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny! I feel better about myself already, I'm not alone.