Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Miraculous Than Snow In Arizona!

I? Am awesome. I am also just getting finished washing egg drippings off my fingers, wiping flour off my face, and will probably still be finding chocolate spatters in odd, random places in my kitchen for days. But I'm still awesome.

I have made no secret of my inability to use that big boxy thing in my kitchen that heats up both on top and behind the magic door. I have frequently poked fun at myself and my complete lack of desire to ever learn more than the rudimentary basics required to feed my husband and children.  I'm both amazed and maybe a little bit worried that my youngest son has developed such an intense interest in all things cooking related. After all, how can I possibly teach what I don't really know?

But tonight? Tonight (drum roll, please) I.... baked! Yes! Baked! Not only did I bake, but I SUCCESSFULLY baked! And it gets better! I successfully baked FROM SCRATCH. Oh yes I did.

Chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts.


If I didn't need all 90 of them for a cookie exchange I'm going to tomorrow night, I'd eat every last one of them before I go to bed, they're that good. They're so good that I might just be calling the cookie exchange hostess tomorrow to confirm I really do need to bring that many cookies. Maybe someone backed out at the last minute? Yes! Six more cookies for me!

Of course, we should also consider the fact that it's almost 1 o'clock in the morning and I've been sniffing chocolate fumes for the past 3 hours. I'm a little loopy.

But I'm still tempted to lick that last chocolate spatter off of my cell phone.....or maybe the one on the fridge door? But I draw the line at standing on the kitchen counter to reach that one on the ceiling.



I Am Boymom said...

YAY! I made bread a few weeks ago and felt the same way! It was like "OMG! I can bake!"

I have to go back and catch up on your posts, I haven't been around much lately. Hope all is well, we'll have to get together again!

Congrats on the awesome sounding cookies! Now I'm hungry.

Big Mark 243 said...

Hmm... I wanted to get some 'break 'n bake' cookies to go with some ice cream. If I didn't mind cleaning the mess, I would mix up some stuff.

Sounds like you are going to have to start going into the kitchen with your 'A' game ... may be the youngest's calling!

Dorothy Rimson said...

Nice post. Keep it up..

Iqra said...

Thumbs up for the baking success. Cookies are SO worth the effort ;D

Shellie said...

Congratulations! They sound delicious. Chocolate is really hard to ruin. Do 'em again!