Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where Did My Babies Go?

Do you suppose it's possible to live life without blinking? Because it seems that every time I do that, one of my boys gets older. Or bigger. Or develops muscles or facial hair. Or...*sob*... gets a girlfriend.

Just when did I stop being the most important woman in their lives? The woman they loved above all others? The sunshine in their day?

Crap. When did I become so stinkin' melodramatic? Oh, wait. That's been there for some time; just needed some heart -tugging event to bring it back out.

I love that my boys are such good guys that girls can't help but love them. I love that my boys are concerned about their health, and so they work out and do other things to stay in shape. And since I'm a fan of a little bit of scruff along the jawline, I even love that they (well, at least one of them... the other hasn't started the transformation into Wolfman, yet!) have facial hair.

But I miss my babies. I miss them being small enough to toddle around the house, making up cute names for body knee-pit. I miss the chubby little fingers holding my hand. I miss them crawling into my lap to look seriously into my face and tell me that I'm "bee-yoo-tee-full" and the best mama ever.  I even miss fingerprints on the bottom of the refrigerator door.

I just miss my babies. 

But not enough to jinx things or tempt fate by being impatient for grandbabies.


Annette "the girlfriends Mama" said...

No grandbabies!! Were not old enough for that!

T said...

ack - no grandkids - give me another ten years!!!

am I terrible that I don't miss the fingerprints or the little toddling. turns out I like kids a LOT more once they learn to read and can shower themselves. life is GOOD.