Monday, October 18, 2010

Is There A Class I Can Take?

I'm the mom. I'm the one responsible for making sure everyone eats right (or just eats, for that matter), has clean clothing to wear, and showers every day. Or every other day. Okay, fine. At least weekly. They're boys. Until someone prettier than I am starts holding her nose around them, they aren't caring much about how they smell.

The Teenager? Showers as often as possible. Thank you, Mouse!  Bug? Has discovered the benefits to daily showering. Gee, thanks Girls of Junior High. I think I could have waited just a bit longer for your influence to lend strength to my own.

But I digress....

Being the mom means you are the one who does all the Serious Stuff. The stuff that makes them frown and argue, stomp their feet and slam doors. The stuff that makes them look at you and roll their eyes, because how on Earth can they possibly share any genetic markers with you when you are so amazingly NOT cool? Being the mom also means you are the one responsible for making sure all the Important Stuff gets accomplished. Stuff like homework every night, birthday calls to Grandma or Uncle Bob, and picking up the week's worth of socks that have been left scattered from the living room...down the the bathroom...and finally, maybe, in their bedroom. Important Stuff like college and scholarship applications, or even just FINALLY DECIDING ONCE AND FOR ALL whether he is going to go to a college of some sort after graduation or join the military.

What being the mom usually does NOT mean is that you are the one who has the privilege of making them laugh until their tummies cramp and tears are rolling down their faces. Which makes moments like that all the more special, even if they do come at your expense.

Apparently, my attempts to whistle are just awesome for those moments.


T said...

okay, now you've got us all wondering... any chance of a whistling Vlog?

Big Mark 243 said...

Reading entries like this and others makes me wish I had appreciated my Mom a little more when she was around... too bad there isn't a show call 'Crap My Mom Does' on TV, filled with the good stuff that you post about!!

I remember shows like that... shows that talked about how great it was to raise decent kids and to be a fine parent... If I muster up the creative focus, I am going to nag you about it! I think it would make the right show for one of the niche networks on cable!!

Karen said...

So what you're saying is that you're never going to be whistling the national anthem at one of the boy's games?

Flea said...

Oh jeehosophat. Being the mom is tough work! Whistling is even harder work. :) We wanna see it!

Burgh Baby said...

How can you tease us with tales of your awesome whistling and not provide video? I mean, really.