Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Sundays are lazy days around here. Although I suppose Coach gets more exercise on Sundays than any other day of the week, what with all the jumping, fist pumping and/or sofa pillow throwing that gets done during football games. So maybe Sundays are just lazy days for me. Whatever.

And in the true spirit of laziness, I just can't quite bring my fingers to type a completely unique, never before read, post. And so you are going to get links. Links to some of my favorite posts from the last three years (ohmahgawd...can you believe I've been wandering aimlessly through this blogosphere for THREE YEARS??).   I was trolling through them today, and thought I'd re-share them.

We are embarking on a spirit of recycling here in my house these days, after all.

Bug's first day of the last year of being a little boy.

What I suspect might be the secret to long lasting friendships.

The Teenager's strength and character.

Proof that even being married as long as we have, I can still drive him crazy. 

Happy Lazy Sunday, everyone!

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Rockin Austin said...

I love this post, the lazy Sunday post...much better than my non-post. ;) Love you so much and wish that Jock would go to school in TX so I could see you more often. (Hint, hint Jock if you read this!!)