Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reminded of My Blessings Again

I was reminded again this weekend how very, very blessed I've been in the children that God gave me to.  Not that I ever really forget that fact, or even take it for granted very often. But sometimes, like this weekend, it just smacks me in the head again.

I've always believed that the Teenager and I have a good relationship. We talk about his life (which includes all sorts of personal things I never imagined I'd be talking about, and certainly didn't discuss with my own parents, when I was his age; things from jock itch to sex, grades to girlfriends), we hang out together, he gives me a hug and kiss each time he leaves the house, and tells me he loves me at least a couple of times a day. Good stuff, right?  I don't realize until I talk to other parents of teenage boys the same age as mine that this behavior? Not the norm.

Are there things in his life that I don't know about? Sure. He's a kid who's almost a man. It stands to reason that there are things he will not share with me. And that's good. It means I've raised a son who can make his own decisions, and accept the consequences.  But am I confident that when he tells me he doesn't drink or do drugs, and fully grasps and utilizes the "Condom Every Time" concept, that he is telling me the truth and practicing what I'm preaching? Yes. I am. 

And Bug, between the ADHD and the Bipolar Disorder most people would assume would have created the most selfish little monster known to man, is in reality one of the most generous and giving souls I know.  When most kids his age are thinking about growing up to be rich and famous, so that they buy the coolest cars and houses for themselves? My Bug tells me all the time that when he grows up, he's going to buy me a house near him and any car that I want; and a motorcycle for his dad. He's been making plans since he was 8 years old to take care of me in my old age. Plans that do NOT include packing me off to the most convenient old folks' home he can find.  No, his plans are centered around his having a house large enough for me to live in with his family and being married to a woman who will love me as much as he does. 

And yes, he's already decided that if his future wife can't accept that he's going to have me living with him when I'm old and feeble (which, apparently, will be somewhere in my 60's....we're still working on the definition of old and feeble), then she's not someone he wants to spend his future with. 

So, yeah. I'm lucky and blessed beyond reason, and I know that. I'm still thankful for the reminders, though.  


Big Mark 243 said...

Yes dear, you have been a fantastic parent and you deserve to crow a little bit! By anyone's definition you have done a great job so far. With Son #1, it is moving from 'parents' to 'my' on the responsibility scale and he is as ready as he can be AND prepared.

Talking to him about the birds and bees... that is something that I think should be a class for parents to take so they can get over themselves and have honest discussions about that. After all, it is gonna happen.

And Bug is adorable! I know a few people who had those particular conditions and I don't recall either of them EVER expressing the kind of feelings towards anyone other than their desire to leave their parents behind them. Again, more than 'so far, so good'!

Sports Mama... FTW!

Cecily R said...

Such good boys. And yes, that goodness is a reflection of you and Coach. :)

Flea said...

I don't know ... lately I'm starting to think I'll be old and feeble when I hit 60.

You have great kids, but you know it's due to good parenting as much as anything else, right?