Thursday, September 3, 2009

Definitions Are Subjective Sometimes

Every family has them. Every person has something that could probably be termed as such. They can be shared between friends. Large groups of people, small groups, or even just a couple of people could have them. I'm talking about Traditions.

Our family has several. Many of which I have to fight constantly to keep, as at least one of the men in my life at any given time is just not cooperating with what I need to remain emotionally balanced. But there are some that everyone enjoys, everyone looks forward too, and they are just absorbed seamlessly into our lives.

Jock and I have just such a tradition. It's one that he will outgrow, as it can only last as long as high school does. But it's one that I hope will mean enough to him that it becomes something he does with his child eventually. We started this his freshman year, and have just continued on, right up through tonight. After every game, when he's climbed off the team bus and climbed into my truck; when it's just the two of us, we go grab a burger and talk about the highlights of his game. His highlights of the game. And I really believe he looks forward to this tradition as much as I do. A text conversation tonight proves it. (Well, at least it does to me; I HAVE been known to "find" validation in just about anything if it suits me. But, it's my kid, my feelings and my blog. Work around it if it bothers you.) **

Jock: So, Mom, since you love me so much....where are you taking me for dinner when we get to the school?
Me: Anywhere you want, as long as it's close to home!
Jock: Cool. Thanks.
Me: I love you, you know that. Besides, it's sorta become our tradition to go grab a burger after your games.
Jock: This is true. Cool.

See? So it goes without saying (except, um... I'm saying it, apparently) that this is one of those traditions that just .... happen. With no eye rolling, whining or gnashing of teeth.

Who said traditions had to be traditional?

**Okay, so I edited his "text-speak" just a bit. For the purposes of your understanding what the heck he was saying. I'm sure you understand.

***Oh, and? For the curious out there, we WON the game tonight. And? Jock had the final score of the game, with a 60 yard carry. Fun fact about this? The final score of our team, that the touchdown that Jock scored to get to that number? Was the exact number as his jersey. Freaky? Or just plain cool? You decide for yourself; but we thought it was AWESOMELY COOL!

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Unknown said...

It's not only cool but but it is AWESOME!!! Claim it SM and Jock.