Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Call Him Rudolph

Ok... so I had to post before I went to bed tonight! :)

After spending all day tooling around the Phoenix Valley for work (for the curious among you, I'm a Property Manager of single family homes, and today I spent inspecting a few of my vacant ones), one of the last things I wanted to do (but don't tell Jock this, 'cuz he thinks he is the sun that rises and sets in my world) was drive another 1 1/2 hours to his football game tonight. However, I am nothing if not a dedicated Sports Mama, so the drive was made.

I am so glad I did! (Well, honestly-- I wouldn't miss his games for anything, but they are so much better when they turn out like tonight did!) A couple weeks back, I posted this about his first game as a high school player. Since then, things have improved with each game. He's gotten more playing time, and more time with his hands actually on the ball, not just clearing a path for the other guy carrying it. And tonight..... he scored a TOUCHDOWN!!! And the team won: 37 to 0. Yep... a big, fat shutout!! WooHoo!!

This was cause for great celebration, so naturally after we made the 1 1/2 hour drive BACK home, and after I dropped Coach and Bug at home then picked Jock up from the school (the team rule: you ride with the team on the bus TO the game, and you ride with the team on the bus BACK from the game) we headed to Burger King. (*Why Burger King, and not somewhere people would normally celebrate something like this? Well, we live in the middle of nowhere. The only other thing remotely close by is a convenience store. And really.... something about gas station hot dogs just doesn't scream "celebration" all that much.) At 10:30 pm. When this child has to get up in a mere 7 hours. At which point Jock commenced talking non-stop about each play he was in on... and even greater detail about the touchdown run.

And you know what? I sat there, happily letting him tell me everything, like I wasn't at the game and hadn't seen it all as it happened. Because tonight, he rocked! And he knew it.

I didn't need the headlights driving home tonight. That boy glowed the whole way.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Congratulations to Touchdown Boy.

And how cool a mom are you, making the drive and taking the MVP to BK?

Sports Mama Tracy said...

Pity he won't realize or admit what a cool mom he has for a few more years yet! :) But thanks!

Slick said...

They have games there on Wed nights?

Falcons need to sign him up right now!

Ain't nothing no better than to see and hear your kid so excited about something, is it?

Sports Mama Tracy said...

Yeah, freshmen play on Wednesdays here. When he moves to JV he'll play on Thursdays and Varsity plays on Friday. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to have Friday games. :)

Unfortunately, the silly boy would like to play for the Patriots. Well, that or anyone who will pay him well! :)

Scottsdale Girl said...

Friday Night LIghts Baby!!!!!!!!

Sports Mama Tracy said...

I can't wait! :)