Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Numbers.... GRRRR!!!

After a day spent balancing the bank account with Quickbooks here at work (and believe me when I tell you that I.HATE.NUMBERS. No, really. Just ask any of my math teachers in high school--shaddup... it wasn't that long ago!--I totally sucked at anything to do with numbers. I am the reason calculators were invented!) I am numbered out. However, being the eminently reasonable person that I am (again... shut up! If I say I am, then by heck, I am!) I realize that I will still have to deal with those stupid things even after I shut off my 'puter. That being said..... here is a list of the only numbers I am in any frame of mind to even want to deal with:

3 (ok.. maybe 5 if I count my psycho-Houdini dogs!) friendly, loving, happy-to-see-mom faces when I walk in the door.

1 perfectly mixed adult beverage of my choice.

1 husband cooking dinner.

2 children already done with their homework, and getting along peacefully.

1 (although after the day I've had, maybe 2) gallon of chocolate ice cream. (and remember, even though I didn't list this reason here, stress calories don't count, either!)


Here's what I'm really going to get:

1 teenager that I have to pick up from school before I can even think about going home.

24 eight to ten year olds at football practice (but maybe... can I just count that as 1 team?)

5 (or so) other football moms talking about everybody else

....and then when I finally DO make it home somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 1/2 hours AFTER I've left the office......

1 ME cooking something that we'll call dinner just because its to late in the day to be called anything else.... but it will in no way resemble something anyone actually wants to eat.

2 psycho-Houdini dogs with more energy than a room full of 3 year olds.

1 husband watching ESPN.

2 children arguing over something... who knows what?... rushing to get the rest of their homework done.

0 adult beverages for me, since I don't actually think I have anything at home anyway.

BUT..... when the food is (mostly) gone, and Coach has gone to bed... my beautiful boys will take a minute to come hug me and tell me they love me (at least, they will if they know what's good for them today!) before bedtime. Jock will then go hide in his room, and I'll go sing a song or two to Bug. And then its finally time for one of my favorite numbers....

1 bar of chocolate with almonds. All mine.

And I'm not sharin'.


*~*Cece*~* said...

Its sad to say but I look forward to the kids' bed time, almost each night, too. lol I need ME time!

Slick said...

C'mon over...I still have some of that spaghetti left and I'm the greatest maker of Pina Coladas. However you spell it.

Well, I can't spell it but I can make'em!

Sports Mama Tracy said...

CeCe... no, its not sad! :) At some point of each day we NEED to remember who we were before we became someone's wife and/or mother!

Slick.... spaghetti and Pina Coladas I'm game for.... just wonderin' if you put the same "desert" stipulation on your guests.. lol... ;)

Slick said...

lol...No Comment!! :)