Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Couldn't Think of Good Title.....

i iz blogginz / leef IÂ alonze

Ok... so I'm trying. Really I am. :) But trying to keep up with this on a daily basis, plus work, plus try to pay SOME attention to Coach, and football for both Bug and Jock.....

Well, I'll just say that I can't fit into that Wonder Woman costume that Lynda Carter wore. :)

And I've noticed something since I started this blog, too. No matter what I'm doing, at some point I will wonder if its interesting enough to blog about. Or I'll find myself randomly shuffling ideas through my head to blog about. But I can never remember most of them. Think I'll have to start carrying a notepad around with me!

Here's a tidbit of randomness from my life..... whether you'll find it as amusing as I did at the time... *shrug*

When Coach and I were pregnant with Bug (like how I included him in that pregnancy? ha!), we took the advice of "experts" and tried to keep Jock as involved with the whole thing as we could. He went to my doctor's appointments with me, listened to the heartbeat, saw the ultrasound pictures, etc. We decided we'd let Jock name his baby brother. Now, that was not as big a risk as it sounds. We only gave him three choices. :) And they all had the same middle name. However, Jock felt extremely important after being given this job. And all was well. Bug's name isn't something too funky to spell easily, and people don't look at us strange when we introduce him. :) But now, after 9 years, we finally know the reason why Jock chose the name he chose! This weekend, while we were driving to Bug's football game, Bug asked Jock about it. Jock's reply?

"Cuz Bug was a good name for a puppy and I really wanted a puppy."

Ahhhh..... brotherly love. Can't you feel it?


Slick said...

lol...aaah, the innocence of children. Gotta love it!

Sports Mama Tracy said...

Innocent? :) This child is 14... lol... he was just bein' mean!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Oh man. My parents let me think that they were giving me that responsibility when my little bro came along. However, looking back, I had little to do with the process because it's pretty easy to manipulate a four year old. However, given the choice, a puppy would have seemed a much cooler choice than something that screamed all night every night.