Monday, October 8, 2007

And On A Sidenote All Its Own....

I got to watch Bill & Ted this weekend!! **did you know that there is even an official (at least semi) Bill & Ted website?? Check it out.**

It made for a very enjoyable Friday evening. What? Stop rolling your eyes at me! I got enough of that from my kids that night!

Although, it was gratifying to hear Jock ask me if this was the movie where they learned about history by traveling in a phone booth and meeting famous dead dudes and stuff. (I almost cried.... that was a close-to-direct quote from the movie!)

Of course.... I then spent some time pausing the movie due to silly questions from my little Bug:

That Joan of Arc girl? She was famous for exercise??? (he sounded properly incredulous that exercise should make someone famous!)

Did Abraham Lincoln really say "Party on, Dudes"???

Mom, can you really fix an antennae with bubble gum and tin cans? (Who do I look like? MacGyver??)

They had Circle K stores way back in the 80's???? (sheesh.... its not like I grew up with dinosaurs, kid!)

But all in all, it was quite an enjoyable time spent watching one of my favorite movies with my family. And Coach was even nice enough to sleep through the whole thing, thereby saving me from his snarky comments and massive amounts of eye-rolling, while laughing at me for loving this movie!

So I'd like to offer you this closing thought, in the immortal words of Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan:

Be excellent to each other. And...



*~*Cece*~* said...

I've got to add that movie to my Netflix list! lol

Anonymous said...

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The Sports Mama said...

Ok... NO SPAM comments please!! Sheesh!

Cece: Its on standby on my movie list cuz its the one I go to every time I need to hide in my happy place! :)

Scottsdale Girl said...

YAY Fo ryou! Come ask me a question...QUICK

Anonymous said...

lol...glad you finally got to see that crazy movie.


The Sports Mama said...


I LOVE that movie! No good reason.... lol... just do. :)