Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yes, We Had A Game Last Night

And yes.... we won. Again. By another large margin. 48-7.

I'm not sure if we're just that good, or if the other teams have been just that bad. I mean, last night wasn't pretty. We had several fumbles, not all of which we recovered. I'm not sure we completed a single pass, although we might have. *In my defense, Jock isn't a receiver, so I often don't actually pay total attention to the ball on the field as much as I do my specific player.* We seemed to do a lot of punting, and not as many 1st downs as we would have liked. We also had a good handful of penalties against us.

And yet..... look at that score again. Heck, by the end of the 1st quarter alone, we were up 21-0. We were actually glad that the opposing team scored a touchdown while we still only had 40 points on the board. That meant that they wouldn't enforce the "mercy rule" and just let the clock run. (When there is a 42 point spread in high school football, the clock becomes what is termed a "running clock"; meaning that things that would normally stop the clock such as incomplete passes and going out of bounds no longer apply. The rule is designed to help stop someone from running up the score unnecessarily. Hey.... I'm here to help you all learn to navigate your way through my son's high school football career! lol) So I ask you..... doesn't it look like we're just playing teams that simply aren't as good as we are?

Oh... and you knew I would throw this one in there.....

Jock scored a touchdown!! In the beginning of the game, he ran that ball 70 yards for our second touchdown of the game. It was his first play of the game, so that makes it even better. He's fighting for a spot on the Varsity team, so anytime he does something like this Coach and I get excited! :) You have no idea how hard it is on me to patiently wait to be able to claim Friday nights as our game night!

And after the game, after I'd dropped Coach and Bug back off at the house and went to meet the bus at the school to pick Jock up, he got in the truck, looked at me with a big grin, and asked:

So, can we go to Burger King tonight?

Does that kid know how to pick a good tradition or what?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know of too many teams that can afford penalties and turnovers and still win unless they're really good....

So, you never know Tracy :)

Hopefully you got that boy 2 Triple Whoppers, sounds like deserved'em