Monday, October 8, 2007

You Know Its Fall in Arizona When.....

  • The water from your faucet is cold again.... well, at least not hot!
  • You can open the windows without feeling like you're in the middle of the self-cleaning function of your oven.
  • Its almost uncomfortable to wear shorts and a tank top after dark.
  • You discover more and more sightings of that special animal species known to locals as the "Snowbird"
  • Grass starts turning green again since the water's not evaporating before it soaks in.
  • Longtime residents hear a forecast of mid-70's and they unpack their parkas.
  • Your electric bill begins its turn to a more manageable $200/month rather than the usual $500/month.
  • You start thinking socks might be comfortable once again.
  • You sleep with more than just a sheet covering you.
  • Its harder to get a good tee time. (see "Snowbird" reference above)
  • You see more RVs on the highway than cars.
  • You realize that our covered sports arena works backwards from the rest of the country's.... we close ours in the sunny, warm months for air conditioning purposes; and we open in during the cooler months.
So yeah.... I actually got almost giddy when I turned on my bathroom faucet the other day to wash my hands..... and the water started cold and STAYED cold for the entire process! And then when I could actually shut off the a/c and open the windows for a few hours this weekend... wow! I almost didn't know what to do with myself! I've actually had to bring a light jacket to Jock and the Bug's games this past week.

Now, I am not a girl who enjoys shorts. I have not had good "shorts" legs since I started having kids, so summers for me have not been very enjoyable here. However, I quickly discovered our first summer here that quite frankly... I didn't care what my legs looked like. It was too damn hot to wear anything but shorts. Oh.. I toughed it out our first summer. But by the time we got to our second summer this year.... I had acclimated enough that even Capri pants were almost unbearable. So, shorts it was. I finally understand what the driving force is behind these women who everyone knows have no business wearing certain types of clothing. Trust me... if you think tiny shorts and tank tops are uncomfortable for larger women.... its is infinitely more so to be actually fully covered up in 120 degree heat. **side note.... this is in NO WAY stating that I have become one of those women who wear things that look like they belong on a very small doll. No... I'm not there. Just saying that I can somewhat understand the motivation.**

I am so happy to be able to wear pants again..... even if they are still paired with sandals!


*~*Cece*~* said...

Longtime residents hear a forecast of mid-70's and they unpack their parkas LMAO! Being born and raised in CA that is totally me! I've got friends in Chicago & Michigan who tease me b/c 70 is cold to me!

Sue said...

I'm Cece's Michigan friend who teases her about her 70-degree parka weather.

Heck, we are swimming when it hits 65 up here.

And you can have all our snowbirds. Good riddance. I do not miss them in the winter. At all. They can't drive in the summer, so you know they'd do nothing but cause accidents when it starts snowing up here. Which, judging by our weather, should be in a few weeks. LOL!

Kidding. But not entirely. It did snow on my birthday a couple years ago (beginning of October).

The Sports Mama said...

Cece: I'm originally from Denver, so I was one of those people who laughed when the natives got cold. But, we've been here a couple of years now, and NOW.... we get cold, too! :)

Sue: Hi! Welcome! Thanks for coming by! And the only benefit to snowbirds is that we get to send them home when it gets hot. Kinda like watching someone else's kids... you know you get to send them back! :)