Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, Monday....

....da daaaa, da da da da....

Ok. I can't remember any more words to that song. However, that has not stopped it from traveling around and around in my brain all morning! I haven't quite decided if that song snippet floating around is worse that the others that randomly float in there...

  • The theme from the Inspector Gadget cartoon.
  • Puff the Magic Dragon.
  • Amazing Grace (to the tune of Gilligan's Island)
  • You Are My Sunshine
And does anyone still wonder why I think I'm losing my mind occasionally? :)

However, I will endeavor to push past this and talk about my weekend. 'Cuz really, I know you're all just dying to hear how it went. Right?

Bug had a game on Saturday. I'd like to say we won, but since I try to teach my children by example, and I'm really wanting them to know that lying is bad, I can't say that. *sigh* We lost. Of course, that's not really a news flash. Our team really isn't that good. Oh... individual players are awesome (Bug among them, as I'll show when I go into details in a minute), but as a team.... well, we kinda suck. I know. I know. That is a horrible thing for a sports mom to say. But its true. Wish it wasn't, but there ya go. So anyway, Bug had a pretty good game. Do you remember this game? Um, yeah. So apparently its now all the rage to be knocked out on the field. At least if you are one of my offspring. Bug was down for the count again this weekend. This time, though, it happened later in the game. And he didn't actually get a concussion. At least, according to the medic on the field who let him go back in to play again after sitting out a couple of plays. And who knew that I could hold my breath for five minutes? Maybe if Bug keeps this up, I'll be able to set a new record for not breathing? Guess he really was fine, though, because shortly after that he ran the ball for 30 yards, which was the longest yardage our team got that day. These poor boys. I really wish they'd win one. But with only two games left, it doesn't look promising.

Coach went to the ASU game this weekend with his brother, so that left the boys and I to amuse ourselves. So.... we went to Bahama Bucks. And I introduced Jock to the delicious pleasure of adding cream to your shaved ice. Mmmmm.... He's hooked. :)

Anyway, its rather busy in my office today. I'm really supposed to be working, not talking to you delightful people. :) So, I'd best be off.

But you can bet that I'll probably be humming this at some point today:

do d'do d'do Inspector Gadget, do d'do d'do Doo Doo, Doo Doo....


*~*Cece*~* said...

I love a mom that can admit when her kids team sucks. lol

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they at least win one!

Careful of them concussions!

And go to work

The Sports Mama said...

Cece: Yes. Sadly, they do.

Slick: I really don't wanna work today... lol