Thursday, March 27, 2008

Genetics Quite Possibly Suck Eggs

When I was in my teens, I used to sleepwalk and sleep talk. If not every night, darn close to it. You can ask my friends. I'm pretty sure Rockin' Austin could tell you I was quite the chatterbox when I was asleep! Come to think of it, I'm relatively certain that is how my mother knew a large chunk of what she knew about my life.

I remember one "conversation" I had with my parents while sleepwalking. (Ok, so I'm not the one who remembers the actual conversation. BUT, I remember my dad telling me about it the next day.) Apparently, I walked upstairs, sat in the living room, and proceeded to do some serious attitude throwing!

As an adult, Coach tells me that I've recited grocery lists to him several times. I've also talked about our life together. The thing is, the life I was talking about isn't really the life we're leading. We aren't sure what life I was channeling, but should I ever find it, it promises to be extremely fascinating!

Now, it seems that this, um... talent?... is hereditary. As I'm sitting here on the sofa tonight, reading through some of your blog postings, Bug comes wandering (well, maybe it was more like staggering. Who knew that sleepwalking wasn't graceful?) out and sits himself on the arm of the sofa. He looks at me, and very earnestly says Mom, I needed your help. I've been calling you forEVER.

So, being the good mama I am, I told him I was sorry I apparently didn't hear him, but what was it that he needed help with?

Bug: Pitching. I need help pitching right now.
Me: Um... pitching? You're pitching in bed?
Bug: Well, yeah. That's where you're supposed to pitch from.

Huh. I never knew that particular factoid about baseball. Which could explain why I've never been a very good pitcher.

Probably a good thing I married a coach, isn't it?


Flea said...

And here I thought you weren't a very good pitcher because you don't hold water well. Silly me.

My Hunny occasionally talks in his sleep and i think it's hilarious! I love to have the conversations, seeing how far I can take it before telling him to go back to sleep. Let's hope Bug keeps the walking to the interior of your house, though.

Karen said...

At least your kids (and you!) make sense. My daughter is in full-on freak mode when she's sleepwalking. Scares the crap out of anyone who sees it, except us who just try to calmly get her back to bed.

Maybe if this is genetic we should rethink the whole lets-introduce-the-kids thing.

Anonymous said...

Yep, my daughter laughs, sings, and talks in her sleep as well as sleepwalks. It's always a great source of amusement for me. I don't think she got it from me, though. lol I'll blame my husband!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

The only thing that boy should be pitching in bed is a tent. Or maybe not.

(Sorry, that's the first place my brain went, and it just had to be said. Yes, I need help.)

Rockin Austin said... know where my mind went as far as Coach, Bed, Pitching...right.

The Sports Mama said...

Karen, its just the youngest one who does this. Jock hasn't shown any of these tendencies. :) Although, since you're saying your daughter does, maybe the introduction idea should be re-visited.... hehehe

Cecily R said...

First of all, Burgh!! Tisk tisk!!

My brother is a sleep walker/talker. He's brilliant (serioulsy), so maybe that's why you and Bug do it too. Smart peole talk and pitch in their sleep!!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Oh, that Silly Billy Burgh's at it again. And, I think it's sweet he sleepwalks. I exact amazing promises from my spouse while he's talking in his sleep. I need to record them I think. Get it notarized maybe.

jennifer h said...

That's funny! My sister used to sleepwalk, and I thought it was hilarious.

Amy said...

Have you already figured out how to extract information from him next time he sleepwalks?

Huckdoll said...

This is hilarious! I always used to sleep walk and talk to my mom and she'd always tell me about it the next morning and I'd be shocked. Or else I'd kind of wake up half way through and be so embarrassed. I sure hope the girls don't get it - it'd probably totally freak me out :)

Ashley Ladd said...

My hubby only talked in his sleep once that I heard. I caught my oldest son sleep walking once. He went to the kitchen garbage can, peed in it, and went back to bed. He doesn't remember a thing. He was about 13 at the time. Far as I know, I've never done either and neither have my other kids.

Claudia said...

My son and husband both sleepwalk/talk. I mess with them both during this time because it's fun and it's about the only chance I can and get away with it. ;) Love your blog!!

Shellie said...

Ok, the theme continues, that same grandad used to say the craziest things in his sleep, things like "People are always wondering what snails pick their teeth with".

LunaNik said...

I'm dying to know how you coaxed your baseball playing, sleeping walking, precious Bug back into bed! Please tell us!

And, btw, I was always a major sleep talker too. Luckily, it's mostly incoherent as I've certainly had some dreams involving Matthew McCaughnehey that I wouldn't want Hubs to know the details of ;)