Thursday, July 24, 2008

If Only I Could Pull Off The Vintage Sinead O'Connor Look

Has anyone out there noticed that we're in the middle of summer? How about that we're in the middle of a rather ... um, WARM summer? Anyone remember that I'm spending my summer in hell... I mean, Arizona?

Alrighty then. It should come as no surprise to anyone to hear that our average temperatures here are always triple digits.

Here are some things to appreciate when faced with a 114 degree day:

Ice cold water.

Heck... just ICE.

Central air in your home.

Soft, cool sheets when you go to bed at night.

Any size fountain drink you can carry for only 89 cents at the convenience store.

1:00 AM, when the temperature FINALLY drops to a lovely, refreshing 88 degrees.

An air conditioning system in your vehicle that blows air so freakin' cold that you drive around simply for the pure enjoyment of experiencing the rarity of goosebumps in the desert.

Let me share with you some things that it truly SUCKS to be faced with in Arizona in the summer:

Long, thick hair that really doesn't look very flattering pulled back in a ponytail all the time.

Discovering that there is not a single product on the market that has the ability to both absorb all underarm moisture and odor. For that matter, even one or the other (wetness/odor) completely.

The knowledge that anything more than swimwear is simply too much clothing to be wearing.

An hour drive both to and from work, in a vehicle that made the executive decision-- all on its own, with no discussion or input from me in any way-- to NOT have a working air conditioning system.

A vehicle that not only does not blow anything resembling cool air, it blows SCALDING HOT air for the entirety of that hour drive.

Giving in to the inevitability of discovering the negative aspects of the aforementioned pony-tail, underarm protection and clothing because in your world groceries and football fees rank higher than air conditioning repairs.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Forget the food, go for air conditioniong. Who wants to eat if you're hot?

Hallie :)

(I bet you look fabulous in a ponytail!)

Karen said...

I will not complain again about our air conditioner not working in the van.

Rockin Austin said...

Oh hon, I feel your pain. When I first moved out there for college I didn't have a car and had to ride my bike everywhere. This was the year that is was in the 120s.

Don't worry, it will go from damn hot to just plain hot in 6 months or so...

*~*Cece*~* said...

I really wish I could sympothize with you, but I'm too busy shivering from our nights with the lows in the 60's. In case you didn't know, anything below 80 is cold for this CA girl!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH NO! it's too dang hot for no air! trade cars with your hubby. whoever drives farther , gets the a/c!? i'd go with that plan if it worked to my advantage. that sucks.

sometimes i have to switch brands of deoderant. certain ones can't keep up with this weather. OY!

have i told you how much i LOVE a RT44 ice water with extra ice from sonic? OH yeah the sytrophome cup keeps it COLD. and that is my beverage of choice this time of year.

good luck! hope your AC is an easy fix. maybe it just needs charged?

what about a new short style? OR updo? or bun?

i love my super short hair. but really it, doesn't fix the heat issue. i'm still HOT!

Us said...

Hey, you can't possibly be expected to transport perishable food in a vehicle with no air conditioning. That's child endangerment right there. You are possibly exposing your children to the threat of salmonella or some equally nasty food-borne illness.

Hey, that would be MY story if my a/c went out.