Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trying to Focus Randomness Is An Exercise In Futility

I am incredibly unfocused tonight.

I don't want to leave you for days with that last post. I mean, it wasn't that great. I don't have that many readers that I need to give everyone a chance to catch up. I'm relatively certain that all five of you have read up to today. At least twice.

I can totally sympathize with my oft-misunderstood Bug, as my mind keeps flitting from one subject to the next, barely finishing one thought before moving on to the next. And when I try to pin one down, in hopes of salvaging a moderately decent blog post...... gone. Just gone.

Much like all my good housekeeping intentions. I swear, I start out (from various OTHER locations) planning exactly where and how I'm going to start. And then I actually walk into my house...... gone. Just gone.

I could talk about how ridiculously funny I found it that when Jock got home from Football Camp and was asked how it had gone, the first several stories we were told contained drama of the sort you'd expect to find at an all-girls camp and NOTHING of the actual football activities that happened. We had to actually ask specifically about that. I'm going on record now as saying that I think teenage boys might actually be more drama-prone than teenage girls.

I might mention the POSSIBILITY of a short trip to Utah in the near future (a couple of months, I think) for my new job. The type of trip that could include my getting to meet a rather famous retired athlete from my home state football team, who would be in the position of asking for MY advice and expertise on something. And really, how freakin' cool would that be? Serious "sports mom" bonus points for that, I think.

If I could remember more than one example of the dozens the kid shows on a daily basis, I'd share with you how I'm convinced that Jock is truly just an overseas tourist masquerading as a teenager in my home. His apparent NON-ability to grasp some basic slang terminology cracks me up. Want the lone example I can recall clearly right now?

**after watching The Bucket List the other night and asking what he might consider putting on his**

What would I need a list for? I'm not planning to hit the bucket anytime soon!

Or, I could go all serious on you all, and reassure a certain favorite bloggy friend of mine (whom I'm not going to link to for this, as really? I think the drama there needs to stay there and not have any more attention called to some commenter getting her panties in a twist over something that was not meant the way the apparently panty-twisted reader took it.... several of you who read me also read her, so you'll know who I'm talking about.) that she totally ROCKS in my opinion. Her entire family, right down to her four legged children, does too!

Do you realize (actually, no... maybe you don't. Most of you don't live anywhere near me!) that school starts next week??? We are not ready. I have told my boys, several times, to try on all of their old school clothes so I'd know what fits, what doesn't, and what I need to get them. Do you think they've done that? Um... that would be a NO.

I'm hoping they do that soon, as it would really not be good to have to send the teenager to school naked on the first day. That would absolutely hinder any plans I may be forming to render him invisible to anyone of the Estrogen persuasion. That, and he'd stick to the bus seats. Which we all know just plain sucks.


Rockin Austin said...

I love your blogs, they make my day...and yes, I did read the last one several times. ;)

Stella said...

I've been totally scattered lately, too! I did a total brain dump on my blog the other day.

School!??! Next week?!?! WOW!! Good luck!

Cecily R said...

I AM catching up...I'm such a bad blog friend. Sorry.

And um...Utah? No kidding? And you haven't informed me of this stupendous possibility SOONER? Didn't we just talk on the phone the other day???????

Crazymamaof6 said...

funny about sticking to the seats. and here he'd be sure to melt or burn himself too. OUCH!

cool if you get to travel for work a little. and that is too funny about the hitting the bucket. instead of kicking it. HEEHEE. funny