Sunday, August 17, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm conflicted. I truly am.

On the one hand, the part of me that is controlled by my checking account, and the tumbleweeds that make up the biggest part of that balance, is pretty stoked about this. This part of me is quite enthusiastically supported by Coach, I might add.

On the other hand, the part of me that is all girl, the part that has been buried deep down for so long that I fear for the height and wing span of my hair should she ever get out, is heartbroken. This part of me is quite often soothed by large amounts of chocolate and window shopping.

You all know that school started for my boys a few weeks ago. You also know that football season has started. Think hard here.... what major event happens every year in high school, during the football season? (I'm willing to be that my few male readers will have absolutely NO CLUE what event I'm talking about, and my girly-girl readers will be all over it!)

Homecoming. Or, to be more specific, the (dum dum dum...) HOMECOMING DANCE.

Jock, Lord love him, hates these things. He's not a dancer, and if he's going to be gathered with a large group of classmates, he'd rather it be focused on a football field. He's been saying for weeks now that he's simply not going to the dance. Reminding me that he has no girlfriend, so what would be the point?

Coach is fully supportive of this stance. I went from cajoling, to begging, to finally just accepting that he's not gonna go. I did manage to weasel out of him a commitment to go if he happens to have a girlfriend when that time actually rolls around.

Damn boy thinks he's just won the stinkin' jackpot.

The girl he likes, that likes him back... the girl he's been spending a ridiculously large amount of time talking to on the phone lately.... the girl that in all likelihood will make the transition to "girlfriend" WELL before the stupid dance....

Doesn't like going to school dances, either. (Well, she tells him she doesn't. Personally, I think she's lying to see if he'll even ask her. I tried to tell him that really, secretly, she wants to go and wants him to ask her, but she doesn't want to seem to eager..... and he just said Well, then it was really stupid to tell me she didn't want to go, 'cuz I'm not going to second guess her, Mom.)

And so now I'm in a pickle. One of those moments I've found myself in more and more often since Jock hit his teenage years. I'm torn between being happy that we don't have to face another of those moments that remind me he's growing up; and being sad that we don't get to experience together the real enjoyment of these moments that mean he's growing up.

I'm also a bit concerned about my wishing mechanism. First, I found myself actually wishing for a girlfriend to be in the picture so that he'd want to go to the dance. That didn't turn out so well, now did it? To discover that I was inadvertently wishing for a girlfriend.... that was an amazing revelation. But to have that backfire on me?

Anyone know a good mechanic? I have GOT to get that thing fixed before Bug gets to high school!


Flea said...

I absolutely love that he refuses to play the passive aggressive game with a girl. Definitely encourage that in a relationship. And a girlfriend! No! At least, not just for a dance. Prom. That's the big one. :)

Stella said...

I totally think you're right that she's trying to see if he'll ask her....a very tricky game!!

Rockin Austin said...

I'm with Jock, school dance = LAME. :)

Kidzmama said...

I never went to homecoming dance. I did however go to my junior and senior proms. Jock should take her out for pizza or hang out at home with her and watch a movie the night of the homecoming. They can still hang out without the pressure of dancing, and more!

Kidzmama said...
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*~*Cece*~* said...

I love his outlook on it all. lol

Crazymamaof6 said...

Oh dang! school dances while they might be lame are only a one time highschool thing. it's about the date, and the pictures. not actually dancing. dang it! if the girlfriend comes around you should confirm that she REALLY doesn't like them. just in case, because he'll be in hot water if she really wants to go but is being a teenage girl and playing a game. ARGH!
holy cow! i can't believe you wished for a girlfriend.

Burgh Baby said...

I went to exactly one of those stupid dances and it was exactly as stupid as I thought it would be. Yay, Jock! Don't do it!