Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Reasons For Enjoying That Bird

This Thanksgiving, like so many before it, has me looking back at my life. It finds me giving in to the need to rediscover all that is right with my life, and possibly some things that might not be. The need to reacquaint myself with all that I've been given to be thankful for. Coach, Jock and Bug have been the most amazing gifts I could have ever been given, and there have been so many moments throughout our lives together that remind me just how thankful I am for these three remarkable souls to be in my life. I hope you'll take this chance to wander back with me as I revisit some of these moments; moments that have truly driven home how very lucky I am.

This child, no matter how frustrating he may be, can ALWAYS make me smile.

The strength of character of this boy always amazes me.

That I have the courage to talk to my children about awkward subjects.

That a rough Freshman season not only didn't make him hate the sport, but in the end pushed him to work harder for this season.

Hard as it was, I'm thankful for the lesson all three of my boys learned this year. And so incredibly thankful that they are learning the lesson and not the lesson being learned.

That I can still laugh at myself.

For one day, I was more important than football.

There are so many more moments of thankfulness. As I was going back through my archives for this, it occurred to me that if I linked them all, you'd be here all day. And I'm sure you've got other posts to read and turkeys to eat.

Besides, all of those posts in my archives will still be here tomorrow (and you should absolutely feel free to browse them!). Even if you won't be. Let me know how your Black Friday shopping trips went, ok?


Bunchy said...

I'm sure there's absolutely NO football-watching going on over there in your family on Thanksgiving Day, right?? ;) said...

Good job remembering the real reasons to be thankful hon. Did you get a FB acct? I think you pinged me, but I wasn't 100% sure.