Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random Teenage Verbal Vomit--Part 2

Hey Mom? Can I go to the movies with MJ, Curly and Cupcake?* And can you pick us up after? Oh, and it's a 10:20 movie.

Jock posed this question to me on Friday night somewhere around 8:30. Nothing like fairly last minute favors asked; especially those that require me to stay up til almost 1 in the morning driving. I recently had remarked to a friend about the ridiculous things we find ourselves doing, all in the name of making our kids happy. This? Qualifies.

On the plus side, however, I know that anytime I get this group of boys in my car I will end up with quite an earful of hilarity. Friday night was no different. We were driving past our rival high school on the way home, and the discussion started on pranks that could be pulled on them.

Curly: Dudes, we'd have to be really careful. According to the student handbook--which I only read 'cuz I was really bored in Spanish class one day and it was sitting there--almost anything we'd try would end up requiring police involvement!
Jock: Did you guys know that if you're caught with a porno magazine, it requires police involvement???
MJ: (mimicking an officer) Son, let me have that. Oh yeah....this is absolutely going to need to be confiscated. Run along now.
Cupcake: Or if they came up to us while we were spray painting the school....(mimicking another officer) What are you doing?
Jock: Sorry, Sir. We were just pulling a prank on our rivals. (cue the mimicry again) Well, son, at least you were honest. Hand over that can and we'll let you go.
MJ: Yeah, and then he'd turn to the other officer with him and say "And would you look at this? They were spelling it wrong! Let's just fix it for them."

I'm not really sure what was more amusing to me; the level of humor these boys were finding in all of this, the way they were mimicking the police--deep voices and all, or that they had found a creative way to admit that they'd read the student handbook.

When I asked MJ what his dad would think about him being caught doing anything that required police involvement (did I mention that MJ's dad is a member of our local SWAT team? No? Yep. LOVE THAT!), his response was delivered in a very deadpan voice:

He would not be as amused as we are.

I think that sums up parenting teenagers quite well, don't you?

*and by now you all know that I change all the names to protect the still-assumed-innocent, right?


Shellie said...

Ha ha! So funny! I agree, that sums it up. What a hoot they are.

Flea said...

Describes it perfectly, ma'am.