Monday, February 2, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

As a parent, you try really hard NOT to get so caught up in your own world that you don't notice your children's world happening around you. (At least, that's what I am trying really hard not to do. I suppose I can't speak for the rest of you parents out there.) You should also strive to remember that no matter how fondly you might remember it, or how vivid it all is in your mind, certain things from the era in which you grew up simply.... change. It helps to remember these two ideas simultaneously when you make a comment that is absolutely understood 100% completely by someone who also experienced the era of your youth, but taken entirely out of context by your child. Because if you forget one of these ideas, more specifically the first one, you could find yourself inadvertently (although on the flip side, this is something to be amazingly proud of) on the receiving end of a lesson in discrimination and bigotry.

Did anyone else miss the fact that Journey has a new lead singer? One that, if you were not in the same room at the time he started singing, would lead you to think that he sounded incredibly similar to the OLD lead singer? So similar, in fact, that you didn't quite realize it WASN'T the old lead singer? (And on a related side note? Where the heck was I when that karaoke contest was going on???)

Bug was laying on the sofa this afternoon, watching the pre-game show for that Game That Broke The Collective Heart Of Arizona today. (Also on another side note? Whoever is deciding the final outcome of these Season Finale Games each season? Would You PLEASE stop making decisions that end up with my teenage son crushed and zombie-like in his disappointment? Two years in a row might be a bit much, don'tcha think? Thank you so much!) Journey came on, and after a few bars of music I wandered into the room. And stopped dead in my tracks. That? Was NOT Steve Perry.

Me: What the....?? Who is that? He just looks..... weird.
Bug: Mo-om... he does not look weird. He looks just like any normal Asian person. That's not very nice of you to say he looks weird, Mom.

Which is where I explained that the reason he looked weird was only because he wasn't Steve Perry. Which led to a strange discussion of who Steve Perry was, but that conversation went nowhere pretty quickly, as Bug had absolutely no idea who I was talking about. But he did stop thinking I was a mean person for thinking the new lead singer looked weird.


As tradition demands, we held our annual Big Game party today. Bigger this year, because we actually had friends over, and not just family. Yes... FRIENDS!! I know, it's hard for Coach and I to believe as well. But honest to goodness, people, we finally have real friends. Friends who come to our house. And stay for several hours. Who bring really good food to share.

These friends also have kids. Granted, most of these kids are younger than Bug. Turns out I'm discovering that my little Bug LOVES being the oldest kid around. Makes him feel all sorts of important or something, I guess. In preparation for all of these kids coming over, Bug had to clean his room. I didn't pay attention to all of the details when he was finished, just glanced in to make sure that the floor was once again visible, the laundry was put away, and the toys weren't underfoot. Looked fine to me. And so our party commenced.

But when everyone was gone, and it was time for our bedtime ritual, Bug started pulling out all of the mulitude of stuffed animals he sleeps with from various hiding spots. Not a single one had been left on his bed. Which had me looking closer at the bed. The pillow case had been changed, as well. I didn't say anything to him, because quite frankly I was feeling kind of foolish for wondering why he'd changed the pillowcase. That, and a little afraid of the answer I might receive. But I did stand there with one eyebrow raised (well, as much as I can pull off raising only one eyebrow) while he was removing these animals from hiding.

Did you know that if you just stand still, one eyebrow raised, and look at your child and what activity they are currently engaged in that they will start spilling the beans about the entire thing?

Bug: I didn't want them all to see my stuffed animals or the Mickey Mouse pillow case, Mom.
Me: Ahh... you wanted them all to think you were totally more grown up than they were, didn't you?
Bug: Yeah. It's ok if you know I still sleep with these, but not everyone else.

I am losing my baby. Oh, it's a slow process, I'll grant you that. But it's happening. One culturally accepting, open-minded, non-biased thought and hidden stuffed animal at a time.


Boymom said...

Great post. I was having a hard time with the Asian dude replacing Steve Perry too, because I was NOT expecting it! Although he did a really good job with the song! It's just weird to see a different face with almost the same voice doing a song that you've only seen Steve Perry do! Yay for the Asian guy though, it speaks well of his talent that he messed so many people up!

I love your Bug and the stuffed animal story. My oldest has hit that stage too, where he's too old to like baby stuff but still wants to hang on to a bit of his kid stuff. It's a hard place for a mom to be.

T said...

my girls have their stuffed animals crowding their beds... but the older one (6) does tend to hide them away when the older cousins or friends come by... because she's of course incredibly mature for her age!

Burgh Baby said...


Happy day after the Super Bowl. And stuff. :-) said...

The Journey thing? Did you read the whole story? Crazy, no?

Kidzmama said...

I could just give that Bug a big hug. He's growing up but still wants to hold on so tight. What a guy.

Karen said...

Your kids are awesome. I sound like a broken record saying that sometimes. And Bug is more than welcome to come babysit at my house anytime. Also? Tell him that little kids would idolize him even more if they knew he loved stuffed animals and had a Mickey pillowcase.